A Story by Nastia

They left me here. For all to see, for all to hear. My burden is for others to carry. They left me here. To look for a better life they went, to search for a piece of themselves that they could not find in me.

To them I am but a piece of baggage to heavy for their shoulders. They left me here. Without a care in the world, they left me here.

So many eyes look into mine, they are but eyes of strangers who pity my lonely existence. Strangers at my bed, praying, hoping for my survival. No face I see, no voice I hear is from the world that I came from, the world I belonged to.

These strangers… They care for me… They look at me with sympathy, pity, even love sometimes… but, they are not the ones I want at my bed.

I am but a burden to the world. A burden that my loved ones gave back to the community like a burnt out match. It doesn’t matter whether I live or die. No… it doesn’t matter what my life becomes… I am unneeded to those that created me. If they do not need me, why should anyone else?

I may never take a step, may never stand. A burden. That is all I am.

They gave me up to find their happiness. They were my family. My flesh and blood now all I have is strangers faces staring into me, but seeing nothing but the burden that I have become.

My life is bleak with no hope in sight; I have no fight left, no will to live, no will to take another breath.

These people here, they want me better, but how, how can I be better when all I have is strangers at my bed. No one I love. No one I know.

They gave me up. I am alone. To live is futile but my body pushes on through the pain. I have to live, don’t I? but why live if I have nothing?

My dream is not to stand or walk or dance again but to have my loved ones stand and walk and dance beside my bed. It is all I want and all I dream. At night my dreams come true, for a moment they come true, but in a second I open my eyes and it all goes away and I realize they horror in a dream. A dream does end and reality sets in…

They left me. I am a burden. That is all I am. A burden with no place to go except my dreams…

© 2013 Nastia

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Honestly, this can be very realistic for some people who experience this..who have the mind set for this. Personally, I have been blessed to not but I know a few who have and..kudos for your realistic portrayal.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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thank you for the great review

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very strong but very well written. You showed the pain she/he was feeling..Well done..

Posted 7 Years Ago

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