Sincerely, No One

Sincerely, No One

A Story by nathanwohosky

Sincerely no one is nonsensical, there are several possible outcomes of this story, however it is written in the stream of consciousness form that I've grown to love so much


“To whom it may concern.”


                  He sat hunched over, cross-legged on the hotel bed coverlet. The illumination of the computer screen was the only source of light in the room. It lit up his face as he sat scratching his stubble, staring at the five words. Already they felt meaningless and hollow.


                  “A letter to no one.”


                  He whispered into the darkness, shaking his head in disappointment. He needed to leave an artifact was behind, to show what transpired, to merely keep the history, and to cause the least amount of trouble after he had finished.

                  However as he stared at the word processor so scantly clothed with characters the white light of the screen consumed him.

                  The void of the light was overpowering, and the emptiness filled him.

                  He shut the lid to the computer slowly with two fingers and slowly moved to the hotel desk. A hotel pen lay next to a branded notepad, next to the rate sheet for adult videos that he had picked up discretely from the lobby earlier that day.

                  The paper was inscribed with their logo and slogan “You’re Our Family At Franklin Hotels.”

                  It ran too long and did not inspire even the faintest tingle of comfort.


                  “At least it will be penned in my own hand.”


He debated with himself before beginning to write, “Cheesy hotel stationary paper will have to do, it’s not as if I’m writing a masterpiece here.”


         To whom it may concern,

                           The first thing that may put your mind at rest is that in the inside left breast pocket of my jacket you will find five thousand in cash.

This is partial apology for my actions while staying here at Franklin Hotels, and to cover cost for any arrangements that may need to be covered from my actions.

         It was not my intent to become a burden, however you must take on the burden now I’m afraid. It will do you no good to berate me, for I am clearly not going to suffer the consequences of my actions here.


                  At this point he put down the pen and reached inside his left breast jacket pocket to retrieve the white envelope. He opened it once again and carefully counted the crisp hundred dollar bills.

                  Five thousand.

                  On the back of the money was a bank receipt, “Thank you, Mitchell” was printed on the bottom.

                  Mitchell had been more than accommodating in assisting him with his unusually large withdrawal. He was from out of town, and he had never withdrawn anything close to five thousand in his decade of banking with that institution. This required the blonde perky service manager to be called over to the teller window. Her white teeth flashing, and her tits pushed up as she promptly stood from her desk to assist Mitch with the transaction.

                  “Now, Sir, normally when this type of activity occurs on your account that is out of pattern we require two forms of valid Photo Identification to just make sure it’s you.”


                  Her mouth was still open showing her perfect teeth, in that customer service Joker’s grin that she pasted on every morning, backed behind a false sense of euphoria that she would have to have swallowed a bottle of Norco’s to get otherwise. Well, she was only three deep this morning at ten forty-five A.M. but he would never know that, although he had speculated some influence.


                  “I haven’t a passport.” 


                  “Well Sir, it is our goal to go out of the way to please, however we have these checks in place for your account security.”


                  “We could ask him tokens.” Mitch who had been staring out the window idly throughout the interaction chimed in.


                  The service manager flashed Mitch the same plastered smile and blinked slowly, batting her long fake eyelashes. She bit her bottom lip, and turned back toward him with a nod.


                  “Sir, also if you could verify a few identifying questions on your account we may be able to release the funds to you.”


                  He stood non-responsive glancing from the manager to Mitch and then shrugged his shoulders meekly.


                  “Alright then, we can start by verifying a few of your most recent purchases on your debit card with us. What was the last purchase made?”


                  He clenched his knuckles on the teller counter before answering.


                  “An auto pay to renew my subscription with, the one before that is from Hilltop Liquor, the one before that should be a for around four hundred at Starlight Gentlemen’s Club.”


                  A real smirk came across the manager’s face as she licked he lips, a young gentlemen that was at the window next to him laughed and whispered something to Cassandra the teller assisting him.

                  “Does that satisfy your qualms about my identity?” He asked, then continued to rattle off his social security number, phone number, address, and would have continued if Mitch hadn’t interjected.


                  “Sir, I think that will do.” He said giving the service manager a reproachful look.


                  “Thank you for your business, Mitch will assist you with the rest of your transaction.” Her smile never left her face as she flaunted back to her desk, bouncing her a*s as she went.


                  “I’m sorry for that.” He whispered as he took his keys from his box to go get the cash from the vault.


He counted the money in the envelope at the counter and nodded to Mitch as he walked out. Outside the bank he took his wallet from his pocket and dropped it in the trashcan, covering it with a Wall Street Journal that was sitting on top of the garbage.


That being said, I think an explanation is necessary. It was never my intention to cause trouble for anyone. I have gone through this life trying to be a part of the world, only to blend in and to do my part.

I haven’t seen past tomorrow-in years, and living amongst you has only made my heart sick. I don’t understand how you treat each other with such disregard; I am not one of you. However, my realization that I have carried your traits and caught your plague, the apathy, the greed. None of this goes down easy. You laughed at me for years, your sick fake smile, your f*****g whorish grin as you take the world up the a*s. 


He took the cap off the orange bottle with Rx on the lid, and threw back three more capsules.


No more explanation for my actions is necessary. I don’t owe any more than what I have already said.


                                 No One.


He gave the letter a once over and a smile spread across his face. He looked toward the hotel bathroom where she still sat on the toilet, her face in the permanent Joker grin. He threw back two more capsules, leaned back in his chair and let a crazed laugh into the dark hotel room. He opened the laptop and navigated to an Internet browser.

Front page.

Joker smile.

© 2013 nathanwohosky

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Added on August 28, 2013
Last Updated on August 28, 2013
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