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A Poem by RnL

I've fallen from the tallest Oak tree in the forest and am now lying in the dirt and moss at the grand daddy's feet.
The wind knocked out of me and my stomach in my throat.
I lie here wondering why I keep climbing again and again with the same failing attempt as the last.

Alone I stand in this dark foreign place from which I will never emerge.
Navigation is not possible, the rain does not stop, only the Oaks to shelter me.

And now you are safe.

Do not worry about the things you can not help.
Let me frown so your smile can shine.
Do not change the you that works so well.
I'll be here working on me instead.

Take his hand and lead the way to this serene place that I can not uphold or even bring to life from imagination or the movies.
Take his hand and tell him I tried.

Tell him I have this evil twin that won't back down. With her I can't shine even a dim glare.
Look him in the eye and tell him he is the only thing that I ever wanted and never knew until I saw him.
Tell him he gave me reassurance with every giggle and mispronounced R or L and in every hand motion that helped him express his story.

And finally tell him that he is the only reason you stuck around.

The love was for him and not for her and that is alright with me.
He can have it all.
Two happy people is better than three unhappy people.
Just know that I kept climbing and just couldn't get the footing right.

Intentions were the best
I've fallen and now you are safe and so is he
I just cant decide if its more selfish to stay or just go.

© 2016 RnL

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Added on April 5, 2016
Last Updated on April 6, 2016




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A Poem by RnL