The Collapse

The Collapse


The truth of our existance



First, you see, there is the collapse

Nothing else, no thoughts, no facts

But with no time, there is no first

No beautiful end, just random bursts

Open your eyes, what do you see?

Light reflecting off endless seams

Possibilities, opportunities

Creation's perfect ingenuity

What will happen when it's all put back?

Imploding world still held intact

Let's slip through the cracks

There's a world below

Who knows where it goes?

But it's there, I know

Now close your eyes and we can fall

Realize, we're not really here at all

Can I leave these places?

All these old faces?

But I know where I belong

It's now time to move on


Wave with me

Wave with me

This world is for the taking you see

Leave with me

Leave with me

Now and forever you'll be, you'll see


An infinite pool of waving minds

No spark nor blink is left behind

Fleeting life bubbles to the top

It may disappear, but never stops

With all the memories that are torn

Why stay right where you were born?

Just experience, sense the space

There's things to find in every place

If you get the feeling that life's but a dream

Know the universe is just what it seems

Moments before you go to bed

Realize the world's ideas in your head


And if you have the sight, you'll know

It's the true infinite way to go

If we now take the final leap

There's just one promise left to keep

And if we say

Oh yes I say

There's just one way to end this day

You'll take my hand and leave with me

Oh please, please, wave and collapse this dream


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nicely done :)
i really like it, theres a nice enchanting flow to it

Posted 7 Years Ago

As a physicist and thinker, with a yearning to be creative, I appreciate these remarkable words

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thank you so much! that's awesome coming from the perspective of a physicist.

7 Years Ago

not awesome just my appreciation.
this is great, write music for this one. I like text challenging my mind. thanks for liking and reading my work.
cheers, L.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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i like it

Posted 8 Years Ago

Your work continues to make my emotions and feelings grow with every additional piece I read that's crafted from your benevolent fingers. The raw luster of your imagination and creativity send me on my way to the ever-beckoning collapse. You go girl.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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That's amazing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I love the depth and emotion put into this. Well done!

Posted 8 Years Ago

good work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is probably the best poem I've ever read... Lol, I was taken somewhere, still not sure where... I had to read it twice to know that I was still here. This is truly amazing

Posted 8 Years Ago

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