Homeless, Family Of Three

Homeless, Family Of Three

A Poem by Sinbulvinter

A poem expressing my thoughts while my family and I were homeless.

We were just a family of three
Trying our best to forget
All the events that lead this to be
And what this all really meant.

I was already broken down by the sticks and the stones,
So the whispers really got to me.
Every missed phone call left us alone
While they all pretended not to see.

We were lost, living in the streets
Trying our best to understand
Why strangers would give food and sympathy,
But blood withdrew their hands.

When we were at our worse, we were ignored
By blood and friends.
Sometimes loved ones aren't very loving
And kindhearted strangers are more likely to help you in the end.

We were alone, looking into the sky
Pushing ourselves out of the dark.
We built something from completely nothing
and we learned how to evolve.

We settled in, place of our own
Worked for everything we earned.
But even now, I look back
and I'll never forget what I learned

© 2016 Sinbulvinter

Author's Note

This poem was a hard one for me to write, and I nearly cried throughout. This is something I haven't talked to many people about, but I feel as though I need to express it.
Early this summer, my family and I became homeless and lived in the streets for about two weeks until we managed to get a place of our own and have a home again. This was the hardest time of my life, and completely heartbreaking for our family.
While we were homeless, every single family member and friend we knew withdrew from us. My own siblings refused to even speak to me. We had no help from blood at all, and I learned blood doesn't make family. While all our family and friends were shunning and ignoring us, random strangers on the streets showed some of the most kind hearts I've ever see, and gave us compassion and acts of kindness that really helped us through our struggle.
A woman saw us several times wandering the streets, and after learning we were homeless, bought food for us from her own kitchen.
A man saw me feeding my daughter and noticed by the blankets and bags of clothes in the stroller we were homeless, and gave us money which fed us for several days.
One morning we woke up to find a bag full of food for our toddler. Gerber snacks, lil bites baby food, crackers, and fruit and grain bars. I cried when I woke up that morning and found it.
We also had countless people buy us meals, drinks, and diapers. We were shown such kindness that I will never forget. I wish I could go back and thank every one of those people for what they did for our family.

We managed to overcome homelessness, and I have pride in myself and my husband for this. We pushed our way through, got a beautiful apartment and we're currently back up on our feet and doing wonderful.

Please, listen to my story and help others who are in the situation my family and I were in. Donate to a shelter or food bank, buy a homeless person a meal, show compassion. The kindness of strangers is what helped us through our struggle, please, spread love.

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it seems you learned a lot through hard trials, it speaks volumes, upon volumes about an inner struggle.

Posted 7 Years Ago

World need peoples who understand humanity
We call ourselves modern but we have left behind the humanity

Many things to learn from your poem
I can understand how painful situation u are describing about..

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Ephrata, PA

Sinbulvinter: Name is based off of the Norse Mythological Event known as Fimbulvetr (Fimbulvinter, Fimbulwinter.) It means "The Great Winter." It is the immediate prelude to the events of Ragnarö.. more..