Crazy day dream

Crazy day dream

A Story by nighttimesnoozer

i just thought about this, earlier, what if the world was a crappy impossible world were things happened for a real no reason,

just  a minute ago i was sitting down on the couch, i remember i got up to get me something to eat because my tummy was telling me to get it some grub! what the hell? no really it told me to get it grub, so i went to the kitchen and opened up every cab-nit
but only to see nothing, i opened up the freezer. their was a tiny little man his eyes were popped out  and his head cut open, i mean you can see his brains and his chin was v shaped? i got cheeped out and ran to tell my friends back in the living room about this creepy thing in the freezer dancing to music. . . everyone was gone! the green light from the tv made the room kinda cool, you know with the flashing screen. staring at the wall it appeared to be some sort of shadow puppets, thats weird, cause no one is there? suddenly i saw a lined up shadow puppet coming out of the tv! wow! the danced all around me, smiling and watching these weir things flying all around my living room iv forgotten all about the freezer creature. i begun to worry for my friend's "where the hell did they go?"

iv frighten my self thinking i was the only person in this house, i dont like to be alone anywhere theirs no light, so i opened up the window and jumped out. only now i see that im 100 stories high, and im falling "AAAAgh" i screamed
next to fall beside me was a scary looking guy with an  big foot shaped head, he's wearin a long coat with weird circles on it the roundest eyes and biggest, i cant tell if it his gums that are big or his teeth, i dont know im just going to say his teeth, because thats all i see. he told me
"life sucks and then you die"

"what" i told him

then he flew away, leaving me falling to me death. no no i dont want to die! not like this! where the hell am i,

i landed in a soft green lushes bush "what the hell" seriously i was falling fast, i landed here and im not dead?
i dont care im alive!

i get on my feet and look at y surroundings. it looks like a chilling city.

there was a man eating a hot dog right across from me. and a strange dirty looking man just grabbed him and ran off. he's crying for help. nut no one pays any attention, i got the feeling of alienist. i see a group of people in jean jackets around a pile of burning trash. all long haired  guys and some chicks talking in the corner. i feel a little safer here, then again i dont want to interfere in there social group. these people could mean bad news for me!. everything here seems so big bold and dramatic. theirs damn building tipping over and looks like it was suppose to fall a long a*s time ago?

and one girl just took out a giant lipstick from her purse!, there's a radio playing super loud that one person that walked by got blown away!   !! what the hell!!

© 2010 nighttimesnoozer

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no no zeek!! im not on drugs this was a just another of my day dreams and inspired by listening to nuclear assault
i dont do drugs man

Posted 12 Years Ago

Snoozer honestly I think you got a hold of some bad acid. Somber up and try this one again.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on September 26, 2010
Last Updated on September 26, 2010



mad house

well im a random wonder, i enjoy to make up nonsense that makes sense!! youll see what i mean! :D and most of the time i just think and not write stuff down ...this site can maybe help... more..