She cut off my arms and legs

She cut off my arms and legs

A Story by nighttimesnoozer

its every teenager's dream to just get in a car, to ride off on the road to just leave. to take a road trip careful young one's. the world is not at all like you see in the movies of the open roads


Clair S as a young women always wanted to be a mother, oh yes what young lady her age doesn't think of her self that way. im sure it will be the most exciting day of your life when you give birth to a wonderful bundle of joy, we all wait for that moment, but for some others. that day will never come to be

Ms. Clair owns a house who herself and her husband Stan live in. nothing to fabulous its a perfect size for the couple, beautiful view, and a pond near by or relax.  life here for them was quite excellent, two farmers living for each other and happily, what ever could be wrong with this picture. . . did i tell you Clair is one of those ladies who will never ever be able to have a child

did you know that she has a secret basement
did you know that she really wanted children
i don't think you get the idea

in Texas 1962 one spring morning police were getting calls from worried parents about their missing teens. "its been 4 months why havent you dont anything"  "your not doing a good enough job" "you all should work harder"

a group of 5 friends gathered around together to think of something to do for the ending of school. see it was almost summer vacation. and what is there to do out in the country on girl said "lets take like a road trip or something"
"thats a great idea" they all said

the last day of school all 5 junior's hopped in a car and went home to pack and ready for their 2 day trip. not much but at least it was something, saying good bye's to their mom's and dad's  and be back in 2 days

a day into their trip the kids decided to go into a lonely looking short cut, not such a smart idea for none of them has ever been through there. they got a flat tire after twenty minutes into the drive luckily they spotted a house that appeared to be 2 miles away, very empty and isolated from where they lived
one of the guys decided to go ask for help

it was Clair's house, she opened her door and invited all the teens in
she loved company, especially children of any age
depressed though out all these years of her 67 year old life of not being able to have not even one child drove Ms Clair crazy,
a husband who never had a love did anything she would ask, all she had to do was say
"satn" and what ever she wanted, he did
stan is a man who is in need of mental help, he doesnt see the world like you and i

Clair had a chance to have these 5 kids in her home for ever, but they didnt like the idea. they have families of their own, and growing scared by this crazy old lady with such non sense
they stormed to their feet and decided to work and the care them selves. or walk back home. anything but stay there.

They didnt get far, Stand blocked their way, he grabbed one of the girls by the hair and dragged her to the basement where he did his wood projects, dragging her, her friends  hit kick spit, anything to free the frightened girl, clair got her shotgun and told them all to go down stairs,
so thats what they did

she asked them all twice very nicely if they would stay and be her children and never think of leaving. "no" they all said.

her mind raged, she go an idea, she is going to keep them. she is! and shell make sure of it

laying each kid on the table and strapped them, Clair sawed off their legs and arms, she carefully treated the bleeding and wrapped each kid in soft blacket like a mother would do for her infant, the kid's cried and cried in such pain they were and scared wishing they never should have left to walk back home.

clair cradled each teen, as if they really were babies wanting mommys attention
 she told stan to  make five cribs for each, and he did, painted 3 blue and 2 pink, clair made them pretty dresses and boy suites for them

who can help these kids, no one knows where they are.

© 2010 nighttimesnoozer

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Author's Note

crazy ass lady

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Very good story

Posted 10 Years Ago

my favoraite favoraite line is "stan is a man who is in need of mental help, he doesnt see the world like you and i" I don't know why but when i read that, I thought it was so cool and I read the line like three times =]

Posted 10 Years Ago

lol!!! OH MY GOD! Ana! This was so cool!!!!! =]]]]]] Man this was cool =]

Posted 10 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on September 27, 2010
Last Updated on September 27, 2010



mad house

well im a random wonder, i enjoy to make up nonsense that makes sense!! youll see what i mean! :D and most of the time i just think and not write stuff down ...this site can maybe help... more..