War With Machine

War With Machine

A Story by nighttimesnoozer

a badass story i made !! read it cause i wanna continue!!!! inspired by a song from JUDAS PRIEST - BLOOD RED SKIES




the earth settles


men get to their feet, searching for others still alive. the last of the sun dissapears


what will the future hold for them now, The human race was almost at gone


"just because they are machine, never will they take over, it is our fault all this happend we have to make things right again" said a bleeding fighter


As the machines scan for movement coming in on the humans they annaihilate anything that is fleshwise


they walk slow but they are quick in spotting! man made a high tech self autobot, that developed to fast in its intellegance, as for knowing what is metal and what is not they know. they know all! we made our self doom device, and now, we cant destroy it


the president of the united states was taken to a safe area leaving us, watching our own backs, he wasnt such a great president anyways. i knew this was going to happen sooner or later, to be honest i was wishing it could have been by the time i was already dead. its what ever though, they will never win, i found some documents at the office about... i dont know something about earth destructionized, but i ignored it for i thought i was just a halloween joke, 3 weeks ago was october, and well.... i need to get those files. them, it read something about the T.O.B which stand or turn off button, their arnt many buttons on thes machines, and some of them fly, i know we are idiots. but it was just experiments gone wrong. somewhere in there metal legs their are switches you snap off to press these Dodads and what not. i dont know i didnt finish reading them cause i got kicked out of the room. almost lost my job, they were going to send me to prison! damn, if only i would have known, if only id pay attention, if only. i cant find her anymore. shes gone, i hope she not on the other side. im going to find her


i will.....


Earlier, a damn demonic machine almost ended my life! i really thought for those few seconds i was gonna see the other side, one of his own shot him from behind trying to aim at me, ill say, they are smart! but dumb in a way. I must find her! they took all women to that building over there! far far away from the devestation city. well thats what i call it now since everything is all blown up or barly hanging.


I think it was the president who did this!

he wants control, he wanted power! he wanted All The Power!

i dont know why they are still protecting him. he killed their families to! seriously what has this world come to the once calm clear blue surfaces, now is a sky of blood, and in the mornings, a tocix color yellow! mutated humans roam. and the rest of the caught survivors are captured and forced in slavery!


this is not the kinda place i wanna raise my child!


[ Are you hooked yet? ]



© 2011 nighttimesnoozer

Author's Note

humans have no chance with these witch machines, they are helpless i will take over this earth and make it mine! ill kill everylast man and keep the women for myself! i shall father all their children i am god in the eyes of all... President X

one of the greatest songs by one of the best groups ever to perform on this planet
the one and only

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Amazing story

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on January 8, 2011
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mad house

well im a random wonder, i enjoy to make up nonsense that makes sense!! youll see what i mean! :D and most of the time i just think and not write stuff down ...this site can maybe help... more..