The Final Chess Game

The Final Chess Game

A Poem by Nayeli

I can make a chess game sound more exciting than it actually is. Haha.

Please, step forward onto
marble checkered chessboard floor.
Hop-scotch patterns, king by rook;
pawn for pawn, pieces sought and took.

Not quite a pouring as much as raining;
a perfectly white floor these tears are blood staining.
One heavenly square out of Gawd knows how many?
Hop-scotch patterns, pawn a plenty.

So, dance.
A bloody romance...
Velvet, silk, cotton and veil.
Heart broken, soul weakened and body frail.

Move diagonally, form your L;
slide to and fro until your army's fell.
And once I've taken all of your choices,
killed your fan-club and snuffed out their voices;

removed their faces and passed their identities

you'll have no use for faceless entities
when I'm through with you.

What now will you do?

So, dance.
A forged lance
made of iron to burn our skin
and intoxicate the breaths within.
The count just dropping;
a driving freefall with no stopping.

I'll be rid of you, you'll see.
Even if it kills me.
As many forms you seem to guise in
to slip through the barrier and mark me with your sin,
you'll only be rid of me once I get rid of you.
And whether or not you accept always knew
it to be true.

So, dance.
I'll remember your fragrance,
and recall what little it will really take
to know it's fake.
Just like you;
an extra chess piece who knows all the moves.

But now is the end of games
and I am the winner.

© 2010 Nayeli

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That was indeed an interesting game of chess. O.O I challenge you, seeing as you're the winner! If your skills are as good with that as your poetry though, I'm bound to lose.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on August 6, 2010
Last Updated on August 6, 2010
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