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Penned on January 25 2008 My Personal Favorite


As I walked in my teens, 
My dad did tell me a tale,
About a wean Jack and the Mother Jane.

“Jane in her twilight of twenties
Had a eternal bliss for which,
Every other woman waits.

In her deep sublime eyes,
The tears didn't cease to dry. 
With the gift of motherhood, 
Her heart swelled with ecstasy.

With the days bordered on the horizons,
The womb nourished the pristine soul.
She chirped the words of joy everyday,
And enjoyed the every bit of flawless pain.

And then the hour dawned
The seed that had been sown
Entered on the earth as a ripe fruit
With the every moans of labor 
Her eyes confronted with the pleasant smile

The cries of infant soothed her ears
Her dewy eyes thanked for Lord’s grace
Caring in her arms, she gazed at her own flesh 
And endowed him with name Jack,
The Son of Mother Jane

Soon the months changed to years,
And the Jack now was a five year toddler.
Following the sun he swirled in the air,
And his hazy eyes winked every time he smiled.
With every steps he strolled, 
He played with many undeterred souls

And then the dawn descended,
Eclipsing the shadows of the sun
Once in his backyard lawn,
When Jack was running with the wind
He fainted and felt to his knees

Witnessing the pale body of her son,
Her starry eyes were benumbed.
She kept hold of his hands tight,
While she shivered in her fright.
Summoned the doctors and her few friends,
Now the little Jack was confined to clumsy bed.

Then came the verdict of the doctor’s test,
Little Jack had a small void in his chest.
The only thought behest Jane’s hostile mind,
The doctors were fallible and reports were fragile.
She did not heed to anyone on that doomed day,
And lamented to HIM for afflicting his son, the pain.

After some days, 
When she started confiding in the doctors, 
Who were the only angels for her,
Nursed Jack with the tranquilizers and the drugs.
But nothing worked for him,
To break his shackles of unconsciousness.
Whilst Doctors failed to decipher,
Her dried eyes sitting besides the Jack,
And still tried to contemplate.

And then the final verdict arrived,
Jack’s meandering life can be subside,
Now the forlorn hearts could see the glimmer of hope,
But the only resort was the Heart transpose.

Now everyone gather for the bestower of his heart,
But when the day descended, they returned 
Only with the soil on their face.

Then one day, Jane summoned the doctors home,
And took them where the Jack was slumbering in his sweet dreams.
Though her grime face betrayed to utter any words,
She kissed on his forehead and gazed his calm face.
Then she walked down to the windowsill,

And looking back,
Smiled at the shimmer of light falling on his bed.
Then gazed the humble sun shining in galore,
With the abrupt blade in her hands,
She ceased her veins and left for heavenly abode.

The last words her grave eyes averred,

“I endow my life for my piece of flesh,
And I would reside where his heart would rest.”

Now when some days back,
When I gazed myself in the mirror,
I noticed a deep incision
Near the left field of my chest.
And then the thoughts erupted in my frantic mind,
“Was I worthy for that sacrifice?”

© 2011 nishantshah2381

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A moving story that is gripping and well put poetically.

Posted 13 Years Ago

A very powerful story of a mother's love for her child. Nicely done, and welcome to WC!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Extremely powerful and moving story of a mother's love.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Thank you for the powerful and beautiful story. I like the places you took me with your words. It was a sad story. I like how you took me along in the words into the mother and son life. The final gift was the greatest gift that can be given. A strong ending to a outstanding poem. Thank you.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 23, 2011
Last Updated on April 23, 2011
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