A Creature Worth Saving

A Creature Worth Saving

A Poem by Nyida Strong

Dedicated to a few of my friends that want to save me.

Brick by brick, stone by stone
I've built a wall to keep pain out,
a prison to keep anger in.
Save the world and kill myself,
murder my dreams and hopes.
Slaughter laughter with a cruel stroke
of a harsh word.

With hammers stronger than my self hate
some are fighting for my life, for my joy.
Slowly, they are tearing apart the prison
I created for their safety because
they do not fear the fear the monster crouched inside.

With chisels and hammers,
pick axe and shovel, they are moving
away the old walls a exposing me
once more to the world outside,
one I'd shoved away and nearly forgotten.
The moon was my only friend,
sharing her meager light with me.
But now I'm being shown the bright
world outside with its sunlight.

I am torn betwixt helping those that love me
destroy what is left of the prison
and defiantly rebuilding it once more.
They tell me they love me, that they care,
but I see what is the truth that is in their eyes.
Its all there for me to see.
I do not deserve their help, their taking up arms
in my battle, yet I accept them with much thanks.

So unsure of where I go from here
without my fortress to defend me.
Perhaps I don't need to lock my heart
 in stone for eternity.
There are rays of hope for this
lonely lost soul.
They have names, beautiful names
that rejoice the darkest parts
of my heart.

One 'becomes what is needed'.
One is a 'gentle touch',
another is a 'grove of trees'
and her mother is a 'beautiful flower'.
The first to begin tearing
at the wall is 'noble'.
Their names glow brighter and
warm me more than any blaze.

So, stone by stone and brick by brick
I'll destroy this prison I built
with the help of women that see
what I cannot in myself...
A creature worth saving.

© 2014 Nyida Strong

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Added on November 15, 2014
Last Updated on November 15, 2014
Tags: depression, prison, dark, love


Nyida Strong
Nyida Strong


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