Three Best Friends, Practically Sisters

Three Best Friends, Practically Sisters

A Story by Smile It's Megan♥

Kaitlyn Ann Stilting, ran down the hall ways of the silent building, with her strawberry blonde hair flowing behind her shoulders. Her eyes parting lightly with the thick breeze passing by her. She laughed out loud as she hid from her best friend Louisa Ann Rathbury.


They had met in the younger years of their childhoods. Louisa and Kaitlyn met that one day during preschool and had to sit next to each other. During snack break, they fought over the last jumbo cookie that the preschool teacher had provided the children with. From that day forth, they never seemed to part. They were intact, and nothing could ever change that. Together, they still are. Best friends, as promised on the last day of preschool. Once they got older, being 2nd graders and leaders of their elementary school, they finally had the same teachers after having to meet after school to spend time with each other. Since 2nd grade they have spent their middle school years with the same teachers and classes.

This certain day though, as new 8th graders at their own school, preparing for high school, they wanted to have fun. Knowing it was the weekend and there was stressful things going on between friends in their friend group, they needed the escape. One friend in particular, Brianne Elizabeth Clearwoods, was in desperate needs of talking. Louisa and Kaitlyn invited her to come down to the run down factory, to speak her mind.

They feared their friend had many things that was bothering her. Needing a comfortable place to speak, they chose the factory. Since the girls had met Brianne, the three have been closer than ever. Louisa and Kaitlyn looked up to Brianne as she looked up to them.


Kaitlyn ran to a side room that the three had decorated with a bunch of paint one half day of school. They figured, since the town had not done a thing with the building for 20 years, it was going to be left a waste. It being their second home, they made it more like themselves. They eventually made enough money from baby-sitting and pet-sitting, to buy basic furniture to fancy the room up a bit. She plopped down on the pink bean bag in the far left corner. Louisa came stumbling in breathing heavy, adjusting her glasses.


“Sometimes your mood changes are so indeterminate.” Louisa walked to the baby blue bean bag and dropped down heavily. “I’m always chasing you, have you ever noticed that?”

“I actually have.” Kaitlyn smiled knowingly.

“The saddest part is how you run so poorly, so inept.” Louisa sighed heavily again.

“Why thank you.”


Brianne skipped into the room with dexterity and smiled smoothly at her friends. “What’s with the fuss?” she questioned in an unassuming voice.

“Is it conceivable to think we were fussing over something?” Louisa threw out.

“Yes actually, with Kaitlyn being neurotic and clumsy and you being a complete variance to that. Otherwise known as more quiet and stable?”

“Ha, you should have seen her two seconds ago as she stumbled in the room after me!” Kaitlyn stated with pride. Hoping she would prove a point as she held an exquisite charm her grandfather who moved away gave her before leaving.

“I was not centered after running full speed after you!” Louisa fought back with words.

“Guys, it does not matter. I am here and ready to talk.”


“Spill.” Kaitlyn and Louisa said at once.


© 2009 Smile It's Megan♥

Author's Note

Smile It's Megan♥
Wrote this for Language Arts, tell me what you think.

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kay im a bit late... butt i loove it

Posted 9 Years Ago

pretty good i should say.
i liked it. :]

Posted 10 Years Ago

EEP! I LOVE IT ^_^ Teehee. I love Brianne's name -wink nudge- I like it a lot. There are big words though o.o And There needs to be more of Brianne in there. But other whys its amazing.


Posted 10 Years Ago

EEP! I LOVE IT ^_^ Teehee. I love Brianne's name -wink nudge- I like it a lot. There are big words though o.o And There needs to be more of Brianne in there. But other whys its amazing.


Posted 10 Years Ago

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Smile It's Megan♥
Smile It's Megan♥

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