Feeling battered & bruised.......

Feeling battered & bruised.......

A Poem by Onlyme

I feel battered and bruised
hurt and upset
lost and losing my own faith
in God and life at times.

And to me, that is really sad
As hope and faith is
what has always helped
me to  battle my own demons
in my own past.

I feel I am struggling to
control my own destiny
let alone my husband
due to this Cancer.

I know in my heart
it's all out of my hand
and his. What will be
will be? But in the meantime
Hell is ruling our
daily lives.

He thinks I don't love him
as he gets angry and upset
over things. He can not
cope with. And I think
he hates me because,
he gets angry at daft things
to me, they are not worth even
bothering about.

How twisted is that?
He is going one way
and am going to the other.

I know he is suffering badly.
In pain and can not sleep.
And scared to hell.

I am so confused at times.
I also don't know if I am
coming or going with all
this craziness around us.

© 2018 Onlyme

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Added on August 31, 2018
Last Updated on September 2, 2018
Tags: crazy, nut, mental, struggling, daft, battered, bruised, hurt, upset



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