Didn't expect the unexpected...

Didn't expect the unexpected...

A Poem by Onlyme

The cops, sat in their police car,
sipping on their coffee and eating
doughnuts.  On a quiet lane in the
middle of nowhere. In the back of

When suddenly a flashing light appeared
in the night sky.

Then the light grew brighter and they
looked up. And saw a UFO.

They thought to themselves. What the f**k?

They watched it come close to them,
hovering above them at one point.
Then suddenly as quick as a flash,
landing in a field not too far from them.

They both decide to go and investigate.
But decided not to call in, what they saw to
base. As they didn't want to be laughed at.

They approached the UFO, with caution and
apprehension and obviously a bit of anxiety, to
say the least.

With guns drawn and ready to use.

They came closer and closer.

Next, they were looking at it and touching it.
All the light were off now, that they saw. A short time
ago they were glowing brightly.
It now was just still, quiet and motionless.

It felt cold to the touch. Had strange writing on it.
Like Egyptian hieroglyphics in some ways.

It even crossed their own minds. If this was just a
dream a figment of their own imagination.
As they had fallen asleep in the car with eating too many
donuts and drink far too much coffee.

And if this is really happening, would anyone believe them?

Or would they be called nuts or a crank, if they told anyone?

© 2018 Onlyme

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Added on December 2, 2018
Last Updated on December 2, 2018
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