Tail of the Sea: Chapter 4

Tail of the Sea: Chapter 4

A Poem by Diana

😏 cliffhanger

And so the prince swims to land
And embraces the chilling spell at hand
His tail disappears, and is replaced by two
Human legs, both soft and new

Wobbling a bit, he slowly stands
And brushes away the water stained sands
And there he awaits, hopefully
The maiden who fell into the sea

When she comes, she comes gracefully
And he kneels before the shine of she
The maiden, her heart kind and bestowed
Welcomes the prince to her humble abode

And the next few months they go to and fro
And through this time the prince knows
Should the marriage of the maiden to another resolve
The dawn of the next day, the prince will dissolve

The maiden didn’t mind that the prince was mute
For it wasn’t his voice that’s his impute
But what a pity, for all the maiden knows
Is his beautiful voice singing his woes

On the day the prince will declare his love
The maiden tells him then thereof
That there is only one who her heart is for
And it’s the fisher who she believes saved her

And so the maiden, in kindness and laughter
Finds the man and declares her love after
Their wedding will happen at that midnight
To celebrate dawn’s coming light

© 2020 Diana

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Added on June 19, 2020
Last Updated on June 19, 2020
Tags: Fairytale, story, mermaids, rhyme