pay no attention this is just me planing something......

pay no attention this is just me planing something......

A Story by phjasmine

yeah, just my planing of a short film.


10:00- Meet up at my house.

In one car go to Salvos and get needed clothes and zombie-fy them.

Get into costume/make up.

11:30- Order pizza.

  • Shoot road scene. (Road near Ali's house)

12:00- Pick up pizza, go home and eat.

12:30- fix up make up and continue shoot:

  • Finding the house.

  • Getting into the house.

  • Zombie opening.

  • Lounge opening.

  • Kitchen bite scene.

    (do bite make up)

  • Lounge closing.

5:00- Hopefully end day before here.

The shoots:

Road Scene: Sister and brother (Ali and Josh) are walking down a road slowly being followed by zombies in the distance, the scene should show that there is no one else around and that they are isolated/lonely.

- shot ideas

: At ground level, show feet walking. Front and side on.

: Eye level, wide shot. Front on of Ali and Josh walking towards camera with zombies in the distance that arent in focus. After walking a few steps Ali looks back over her shoulder at the zombies.

: Eye level, mid shot. Front on of zombies, cant be Ty as he is a zombie in another scene. Unless he is an extra that is out of focus.

: Eye level, mid shot. Side on of Ali and Josh walking by the camera.

Finding the house: Sister and brother walking down a suburban street come across a house they believe they could find food in and decide to find a way in.

- shot ideas

: Eye level, mid shot. Front on of Ali and Josh walking towads camera and then either Ali or Josh stoping and looking sideways at a house and then begin towards the house.


: Same as above except from the side on.

Getting into house: Showing the Sister and Brother getting into the house.

- sequence

: Few shots (mid and close up) of Ali and Josh from the back walking up the driveway.

: Few shots (mid and close) of Ali opening the gate. Also from inside the gate as it opens and Ali and Josh walk in and then go under the curtain.

: From inside the patio get a mid/long shot of Ali and Josh going under the curtain.

: mid shot, Ali and Josh walk towards the screen door and Ali reaches up to open the door.

: close up, Ali opeing the door.

: Mid shot from inside as the door opens.

Zombie Opening: No real information on what this is except that it is right at the beginning of the film so that people know its a zombie film.

- shots

: Shot one mid shot to close up, girl lying down (dead) and the camera zooms in on her.

: Black/Fuzzy screen.

: Shot two mid shot, girls eyes open and sits up fast attacking the camera.

: Maybe a voice over by Ali- shot one “We use to joke about the end of the world”

- shot two “and then it happened”

Lounge Opening: The begining of the siblings story, they are huddeled in a room and are running out of food so they decide to leave the safety of their room and go and get more. During their leaving Ali picks up a gun.

- shot ideas

: Mid shot of siblings sitting close to each other from front on, Josh has run out of food so Ali gives him the last of hers. They then get up and the camera follows them as they leave the room.

: Close up of hand reacing for food.

: Close up of Ali looking out the window.

Kitchen Scene: After finding a way into the house the siblings begin searching the kitchen for food. They are then caught un awares by a zombie who attacks them and bites Josh. Ali then pushes him back (towards camera) pulls the gun on him and shoots.

-shot ideas

: side shot, mid. Ali and Josh walking into the cameras view slowly and cautiously at first but then in a rush towards the kitchen.

: long mid shot of someone reaching up for the cubord.

: shot from inside the cubord as its being oppened.

: goes back to long mid shot and then someone comes into veiw but they are out of focus.

: not sure for sequence here but im thinking Ali hears a sound behind her and she turns around just as the zombie attacks Josh and bites him.

: long mid shot as Ali pushes Ty off Josh and back towards camera, Ty stumbles back and half off screen. Ali then brings out gun and shoots, Ty steps/falls back.

: Ali then kneels down and asks Josh “Are you alright?”, close up of Ali. :he shakes his head tearfully, mid of Josh as he holds out his arm and shows the bite mark.

: Back to Ali, horrified look on her face. Looks from bite to Josh's face.

: Takes Josh's hand and stands up, grabs the food and leaves.

Closing scene: Back at the room where we first meet the siblings, they now have food but the mood is worse then before. Josh is lying down and Ali sitting just behind him, he is getting sicker and so she pulls the gun out and points it at her brother.

-shot ideas

: mid shot of the siblings, josh lying there and Ali sitting. He coughs and she pulls the gun out and pats her brother to try and comfort him as she points the gun at him.

: Screen goes black and there are two gun shot sounds.

: may have close ups of faces and/or Ali's hand patting Josh.

If it is raining then we wont shot the abondon road scene but instead borrow Ali's front door and shoot Ali and Josh coming out of there and then beginning to walk down the street. That way it looks just like they are walking down the same street. Or we could maybe still try to do the road scene, I just dont want anyone to get sick! Haha.

Clothes I need you guys to bring:


- Denim shorts if you have them otherwise any shorts.

- Any shoes that arent high heels and that are inclosed, remember you are in a zombie apocalyse!!

- your already bloodied checkered shirt you were telling me about!


- Pants....... dosent matter what type but please wear pants.......


- Jeans.

- Any shoes.

- you dont have to but an old jacket of sorts or a work jacket.

Also you will be paid on the 30th, just letting you guys know, ok, thanks and see you guys tomorrow. :)

© 2014 phjasmine

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Added on October 17, 2014
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Perth, Australia

hey, dont really know what to say, i like writting, reading, music and art, i'm always looking to expand my writting abbilitys, i'm working on my spelling and grammer, really i am. I get most my ideas.. more..

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A Story by phjasmine

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