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what is it

what is it

A Poem by Worms

try to guess


it is a god of love

it is far away

it is always here

it pulls on our hearts

it is befriended by poets

it is loved by many

it is hated by several

it is pale and weak

it is bright and strong

it is always watching

it turns away


what is it?

© 2010 Worms

Author's Note

well, what is it?

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Its love itself. As so many hate it, many more love it. the complexity is wonderful, but at the same time, so is the simplicity. poets are able to capture love in so many ways, which is why it is everything you described. because we as poets, unlock its hidden meanings.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I tried to figure this outt... I still don't know. haha I'm no good at these. you should tell me what it is at lunch though :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Oooh, a riddle! I love riddles.
I'll ponder on this for a while. While I'm at it, will you read my poem "Dingle Fritz and Fritzle Ding"? It's a riddle, too. Give it a guess.


I think it's the sun.

a god of love: it gives life to things on earth, a very godlike power
far away: millions of miles
always there: even if we can't see it for half the day
pulls on our hearts: a tough one... maybe because it often represents happiness
befriended by poets: it's a great poetic symbol for good or power
loved by many: farmers, tanners, solar-power industries, cold-blooded reptiles, etc.
hated by several: like that guy on Benchwarmers
pale and weak: "pale" meaning white, "weak" meaning small (compared to our sky)
bright and strong: it lights up the whole solar system
always watching: except on solar eclipses, maybe
turns away: during the night

Just my guess. Great job! Very enjoyable.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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