Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

A Poem by 'poetry by bonnie'

This is the way are justice system works...





                    ' Innocent Until Proven Guilty '


The wheels of justice turn and turn,

twisting the facts so its you they burn;


You have pictures to show them 'your hurt,'

Judge says 'can't use them'

I may as well have buried them in dirt;


Found a fingerprint on the wall,

Judge says ' can't use it, '  he's got gall;


Yes, Innocent until proven guity, 'The American Way,'

but we don't have the freedom to say all we have to say;


The prosecution presents their facts,

twisting the truth to the max;


They make you out like a person your not,

Why is'nt it the  'TRUTH '  they sought?


You need a lawyer, the best in his field,

It's your only chance of getting a fair deal;


You plead not guilty with evidence to show,

that you did'nt do it,  i'm not the foe!


Instead, a judge tells the jurors what they can know,

You'd think its your right for all evidence to show;


The jurors say ' Guilty' from what they have heard,

I could'nt present all my evidence...that's absurb!


Now I have seen the American way,

the twisting and turning of everything we say;

for some it means whether they ever see the light of day!


Yes,  innocent until proven guilty does not exsist,

Instead your trying to show the court all they missed;


If you don't have money, your really doomed!

The prosecution makes sure its all of you they consume;


Whether right or wrong, they dont care,

they just want to win even if unfair;

 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty'  its just a lie,

we must prove our innocence or we may even die!!



















© 2012 'poetry by bonnie'

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The truly scary thing is the American system is the best one, compared to other nations. That speaks a lot about the natrue of humanity--nothing shows off human imperfection as much as our governments and justice system

Posted 11 Years Ago

Omg! Thank you for writing and sharing this poem with me Bonnie.I had some encounters in my younger days with the courts. Several what you wrote happened to me. The system does not work! Unless you have money and power. Well written.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on October 20, 2012
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  'poetry by bonnie'
'poetry by bonnie'

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