You'd never believe

You'd never believe

A Poem by mae-mae<3

Dear Father

If only you could see me now

I'm on top of the world

You'd be so proud

I've got problems coming from all sides

But the solutions are already with me.

I no longer run and hide

If only you could see

I don't know if I miss you

But there's own thing I do know

You've left me broken issues

Mom is hanging low

I cry many tears for you

Though it's not worth it

Memories: I have few

Left in that full crypt

So it doesn't hurt as bad

But I really wish I could remember

All the good memories we've had

I know you've done some terrible things

And my siblings aren't fond of you

Mom is trying so hard to cling

And you know she loves you too

But it's not the same

It's not the right love

It's not only a game

It's many small shoves

You lay your problems on me

And lie in every letter

I'm sending out my broken plea

Try to make it better

Can you send me the truth?

You don't really have to lie

I'll still love you

Even though you won't try

Can you stop your addictions?

They're driving me insane

Your love for me holds

In it's broken picture frame

Still just as lovely

Yet so very lonely

I'm hurting very much

I wish you could hold me

I wish I could dance with you

At my one wedding

I wish I could be with you

And have a happy ending

i wish you could be by my side

And walk me down the aisle

Instead I'll stay and I'll despise

All the wrong a while

So go and pop those pills

And lie in every letter

I'll take it with good will

And find the things that matter

Oh dear father

If only you could see

How strong this young lady

Has grown up to be

With my head held high

And my memories held tight

I'll suppress every sigh

And win this losing fight

Don't worry about me

I'm doing just fine

I'm not all that happy

But I'm still going to shine


© 2009 mae-mae<3

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This was a really good poem. It made me think about how I feel about my dad. Keep writing and inspiring others.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like it. =) I don't know why but I love when people write about/to their dads...Nice.

Posted 12 Years Ago

woah seriously no reviews! Probbably because of the lenght of the poem, but this was amazing, and horribly remarkably sad, yet intriguing and draws you in.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 2, 2009
Last Updated on March 2, 2009



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