In the Eye of the Lioness

In the Eye of the Lioness

A Story by Sulma

An excerpt of an upcoming piece


If we spoke about life in a metaphorical sense and perceived ideas that were hidden beneath a small layer of illusions, and looked at life through the eyes of possibility and hope we would see that a lot of the things we see are hidden words of advice, concealed in the actions of the people blinding us from the simple yet powerful truth.

For one in every person there is a color, a form of feelings, a perspective and doubt that makes them who they are and give us a clue of why they do such things. Our selection of friends can even reflect our insecurities and our doubts in society as well as our selves.  

Tracing back to one’s everyday routine as well as habits in everyday life, one can take note of the fact that habitual doings say a lot about one. It does not need to be something that necessarily catches the eye

© 2013 Sulma

Author's Note

This is only an excerpt of a piece I am writing, I'd like some feedback on this piece, I hope y'all enjoy.

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Added on September 10, 2013
Last Updated on September 11, 2013
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Beirut , Beirut , Lebanon

I'm a 17 year old amateur writer, I write shorts about many things, I love to receive feedback, and I'm looking for someone to illustrate some of my pieces. more..