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A Story by pokopox

All Brynoy remembers about the accident was the radiating light as she was saved. But the person who saved her wasn't human.


               Raindrops fell against the hood of my jacket, each drop soaking it even more. Thunder rumbled in the distance as flashes of lightning bolts lit up the darkening sky. Storm clouds continued north, passing over me with the wind picking up, threatening to sweep me off my feet.  I found it wildly ironic how the rain fell from the sky each time I would visit his gravestone. Perhaps it was an omen that I was next. After all, I couldn't possibly be spared twice from death. It just didn't seem logical.
              My eyes scanned the cemetery through the thickness of my dark lashes, looking for where my boyfriend laid to rest forever. I twirled the single flower I held between my fingertips, raising it up to my nose to smell its seductive scent as my legs moved swiftly past each headstone. The thought of the accident seemed to haunt me more when I came to sit beside his grave and talk to him, even if he wasn't able to listen.
              When I finally reached the large marbled stone with his name etched into it, I fell painfully down as my legs turned to Jell-O, the hard soil beneath kissing my knee caps, rocks scattered around scrapping them and left their brutal mark. But I couldn't pay attention to anything but Jason's name on that stone, the date of his birth leading up to the date of the accident. My eyes were hypnotized by guilt and looking at it sent a chilly stab to my heart because I knew very well that my name should have been there and not his. I should have died that night, not him. He was so innocent, just being greatest person that I had ever known and the first that I loved dearly all my heart.
              The memory was as fresh as if it were repeating all over again, hurdling me back into time to the same exact place where we had been, grinning so hard that our cheeks hurt against our faces, laughter bubbling within our stomach. There was not a care in the world for the things that surrounded us. It was only about spending the little time that we had together, cherishing every moment before I would have to return home and hours away from each other. Before the sun began to set in the horizon, ending a day of pure entertainment.
              "You should drive," He suggested, tossing the keys to his vehicle over to me. I nearly dropped them, too oblivious at the time to acknowledge his words. My forehead wrinkled in confusion, lips pursing with curiosity. He chuckled as his bright green eyes that I had fallen for watched my reaction. "Go ahead, show me what you've learned in driving school. You have your permit already, right?"
              Instinctively, I nodded my head. But the truth of that matter was that I was merely a week from getting it. "You need to unlock the car first, sweetheart." He joked, messing up the back of my hair playfully before swiftly moving to the passenger's side of the vehicle. I smiled, fixing my hair before pressing the unlock button and slid into the drivers seat.
              That little white lie changed my life for an eternity. Still, even to this day, I cannot forgive myself for such a horrible mistake. I regret the decision greatly and seeing his parents at the funeral just a week ago broke my heart even more, shredding it to pieces and left it damaged beyond repair. Now, all that was left was his memory and even that didn't suffice. I missed the warmth of his touch, the feeling he left when his lips brushed against mine, and the look in his eyes every time he said he loved me.
              The sound of the truck blaring its horn just before the collision rang inside my mind as my fingers traced over the marble. Jason's face had been frozen with fear, his eyes looking straight at me while I tried to gain control of the vehicle. The ice was thick that night, a fresh patch of snow falling over the city. It became impossible to see ahead of me and when we began hydroplaning, I went against everything I had learned and panicked.
              "Brynoy!" Jason had screamed, his eyes blinded by the glare of headlights heading toward our direction. The truck driver was too late by the time he spotted our car, slamming on the brakes to avoid ramming straight into us. Jason's vehicle had stopped in the middle of the road, leaving the passenger's side as a target for the opposite side of the road. I had been like a deer, my body tense and frozen just has Jason's had been. As my eyes closed at I said my final goodbye, wishing my family well, the impact came with a powerful force as though the entire world that had sat on my shoulders had come crashing down, gravity no longer in existence.
              I awoke from what I had thought a dream the entire time, a nightmare I wished to escape from. But it was all reality and there was no running from it. The doctors couldn't explain why I had survived that dangerous car accident and what left them bewildered was the little injuries I was left with. It was a miracle I had even made it out alive were their exact words as their eyes flickered over to my parents who sat beside my hospital bed with worried expressions painted on their aging faces.
              Questions arose on what had happened before the car collided while the suspicion of my simple replies emerged from the surface of their eyes. I could read the interviewer clearly, just as an open book. Everything that they were thinking or how they react was a clear sign of their emotions. They found it hard to believe that I had been 'saved' by an angel just minutes after Jason had been hit, along with the car. "Things like that just don't exist, Miss. I'm sure you have experienced a lot of trauma over this . . . loss."
              But I merely shook my head at their lack of belief. Deep down I knew that a pair of arms had wrapped around my upper torso, dragging me out of danger while the debris were blocked as if I had a shield protecting me. A guardian was sparing my life and that bright light wasn't just the headlights from the semi-truck. It had glowed like the sun, but wasn't blinding to watch. All of it made perfect sense but nobody would believe a word I spoke without evidence backing it up. They couldn't just simply trust and believe what they couldn't understand.
              Tears fell from my eyes one by one, sliding down my cheeks when I opened my eyes again, returning from the horrific memory and into reality. I bit my lip, the rain falling at a rapid pace and broke against my body. "I'm so sorry, Jason. Please, forgive me." I cried out, my sobs becoming louder and more evident. "Please?"
              As usual, there was no reply.
              Rising from my place, I looked down once more at his grave before turning away, quickly racing back to my car. I could only stay beside his headstone for so long before my throat swelled up into a lump, tears too much to contain at once and the overwhelming feeling that I had let him and everyone I loved down by just simply lying. None of it seemed like a big deal just minutes before when I made my decision, sealing fate's course for our lives. All I wanted was the chance to fix this mess or say goodbye. Just one more moment with him to apologize and beg for his forgiveness. Only some time with him before finally letting go. But time could never been rewound.
              The moment I returned home, dragging my feet to the front door with my head down and eyes glaring at my shoes, my parents had bartered me with more questions. They were concerned, like always and wondered if their 'baby' was all right. Although I lied again, saying that I was fine to get them to return to their usual stations: my mother tending to the rest of my family's needs and my father, sitting down in his large recliner watching the evening news.
              I crashed on my bed the moment I dropped my bag, kicking my shoes away and closed the door behind me for silence and when I awoke, my window was wide open. It was strange to comprehend at first. I only thought that perhaps my mom had let the house cool down, opening each window in every room. But she would never do those actions and that was what made me rub my eyes awake, slightly afraid that a dangerous stranger could be lurking in the shadows of my dark room. A robber or even murderer.
              The only murderer in this house is you, I cruelly hissed to myself and shook any uncomfortable thoughts away.
              Then a figure emerged from behind my door, leaving my eyes wide, heart racing faster with every second that passed by. I gasped, jumping back from under the covers and shielded myself from this stranger in front of me as they walked up to my bed. I became even more surprised when I recognized the familiar face that stared back at me, completely unshaken by my startled reaction. "Jason?" I lowered my arms, body relaxing only a little bit. "Is that really you?" My voice wavered, tears pricking my eyes and threatened to fall as I stared at him in wonder.
              His wings were pure white as the snow, spreading out in full width. They nearly took up the space of my entire room. His golden hair was tousled, ringlets of curls falling against his forehead. His whole body glowed like a lantern in the darkness. Green eyes watched me carefully as his head tilted to the side.  I was frozen, in complete awe at this creature that stood only a couple of feet from my bed. My fingers clenched my sheets, clinging  them into fists. When he moved, even the slightest bit, I instinctively flinched.
              "What are you?" I whispered softly, my widened eyes glued on the being that stood in my bedroom.
              "Don't be afraid, Brynoy." Jason smiled, showing perfect teeth that gleamed even in the darkness. His body was whole again, not a scratch on him from his previous life. "I'm your guardian angel," he simply replied, not bothering to keep his voice down for my family who slept just a few rooms away.
              I was weary of his presence, confused of why he had returned in the middle of the night, moving around so silently it was almost mute. "H-how did all this happen? I don't understand why you're here." Fear clouded my brain as my body took over, moving freely on its own. My feet touched the solid cold tiled floor, legs ushering toward him until I was several inches away. I lifted my gaze up to him, our eyes locking instantly. His fingers touched my skin, sending a cooling sensation throughout my body. For a moment, I thought I was going to melt into his arms.
              He whispered in my ear just like old times, sending peace into the depths of my soul. "I was sent to comfort you," He began, inhaling deeply. I felt his grasp around my body, pulling me closer to him as I sank into his chest. Finally, I released the tears that I had held back and began to weep in his arms. "You've been saying that you're alone now but Brynoy, you're never alone. I've been here the entire time, watching over you. Keeping you safe from danger."
              My gaze held at the ground, not daring to look up at him. I could feel his eyes watching me, waiting for my reply but when I opened my mouth, only a sob sounded. "But why, Jason? Why did you have to die instead of me? All this is my fault! If I hadn't-"His index finger instantly was placed on my parted lips, silencing me from finishing my sentence.
              I adverted my eyes up to his while he began to speak. "It was my time to die. None of this is your fault and even if you think I resent you for what happened - I don't. I forgive you more than you think."
              Silence loomed over us as he began stroking my hair, calming me down while I continued to cry. "Do you know what happened after the accident? Did you save me?"
              He nodded his head, the curls in his hair bouncing. "But none of that matters now. You're safe and still alive. That is the only thing I care about. You are the only thing that matters."
             A noise sounded from my door, the sound of footsteps approaching and my father's grumbling becoming louder, making me jump. My eyes flickered over to Jason with concern bubbling up inside. He smiled down at me, releasing me from his grasp and began to walk away. I watched him as he came closer to the window, the wind picking up, sending the curtains twirling. "I love you, Brynoy Simmons. I'll always love you, forever."
              "Don't leave me. Please, I can't stand to loose you twice!" I cried out, my attention torn between the sound of my locked door jingling and Jason standing beside the window, about to take flight.
             His wings spread out again, his smile growing while he said his goodbye. "I'll never leave you. I'm always right there when you need me."
              Then, he flew out of the window just as the door was busted open, the lights flickered on as my father looked at me with sleepy eyes. I sighed and rubbed my temples, eyes still lingering on the open window as the chilly fall air blew inside, sending my hair in front of my face. I'm always there. "Forever", I said.

© 2010 pokopox

Author's Note

I wrote this a while ago for a contest and thought I'd bring it back. I've been contemplating whether or not to make this into a full story or just leave it be. What do you think of it?

Constructive criticism is always appreciated!

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I think its great... you should explore it maybe alittle deeper... if not a novel.. maybe a novella? let it breath and see where it takes you... i would like to read any more on this you may have

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on October 4, 2010
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I'm Karleigh and seventeen years old from Michigan. I write not only because it's pleasurable, but because it's my way of expressing emotions, bringing characters to life and telling their stories. .. more..

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