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A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle

A Story by Julie Beth

A really short Christmas Story


                The little girl walked through the lonely hallways of her elementary school. Everyone in her second grade class was excited for Christmas; everyone but her.  Her name was Alyssa; nobody really paid attention to her because nobody really cared about what ever sob story her life was.  

                Alyssa was a neglected child; her parents never cared for her at all. Every year on Christmas, she wrote to this so called ‘Santa’, but he never came. Every Christmas, her stocking was as empty as her small little heart. She gave up on writing countless letters to this guy.  Even if he existed, he couldn’t give her what she wanted; a new, caring, family.

                The school bell rang and poor little Alyssa walked home in the cold, snow covered, earth.  Her parents didn’t notice as she walked through the door, they didn’t acknowledge her on Christmas Eve dinner, and on Christmas morning, she sat in the corner crying as her parents exchanged gifts with each other, but none for poor little Alyssa.

                Alyssa snuck up to her room and cried; Santa wasn’t real, and nobody cared about her. Alyssa heard a pounding on the front door, and then her parents yelling. There was a stomping up the stairs as the yelling got closer. Alyssa’s door to her closet sized room opened and in walked a lady who was dressed in all white. “You don’t care about this child at all.” She shouted at Alyssa’s parents. “She is no longer in your custody.”

                The nice lady, dressed like an angel sent from heaven, gently took Alyssa with her. AS the day went on, Alyssa watched as nice people came and left this lady’s office, and then she saw them. In walked a woman with long wavy blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. Standing next to her was a man just a bit taller than her and he had blue, blue eyes and brunette hair. They walked into the nice Lady’s office and talked to her for a long time.

                When they came out, the nice lady came with them. She looked at Alyssa and the lady said, “Alyssa this is your new family.” Alyssa was scared at first but they took really good care of her.

                One year later on Christmas day, Alyssa went down stairs of her new home and saw the living room over flooding with gifts. Her new mom and dad came down stairs and everyone opened gifts. Alyssa looked in her stocking and found a hand written note.


                                Sorry I took so long to answer your letters. I just wanted to make sure I had the perfect family for you. Merry Christmas.


                From that day on Alyssa believed in Santa and no amount of gifts could be better than what he gave her; a new, loving family.

© 2011 Julie Beth

Author's Note

Julie Beth
Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas
-Julie Beth

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Aw, that's super duper cute! Loved it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love happy endings, and you've written the best kind for your Alyssa.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Awww this is beautiful Juile. I loved it, and Merry Christmas to you.


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 25, 2011
Last Updated on December 25, 2011


Julie Beth
Julie Beth

lala land, RI

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A Story by Julie Beth