A Poem by ~BlueSkyy~

Playing my piano, when it's almost noon

Drops of water fall onto the keys


I look up at the sky

Seeing your face on every cloud


The notes I'm playing can tell a story





A little baby bird is sitting on it's nest

The father bird has flown away


He left the baby bird on it's own

The bird sits on the edge


As it slips, it falls

Onto the cold wet ground


I watch the bird stay motionless

For a few seconds it can see the light


Sounds of a gun come closer and closer

The bird gets up trying to fly away


The hunter comes closer

He points his gun to the bird


Little bird is so terrified

She tries to fly away


But the father never taught her how to fly

The bird flaps it wings


It flew away so gracefully




I continue to play my piano

This bird has grown up so fast


Without another bird to take care of her

She stays strong, she'll keep on flying gracefully


The bird has fallen, then she got up

Fly back up


© 2010 ~BlueSkyy~

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Added on November 7, 2010
Last Updated on November 7, 2010



United Kingdom

Hi. :] My name is Skyy. I love music, and writing poems. I LOVE quotes, I always 'like' fb (facebook) quotes. I'm random, quiet, f.. more..