Flying the depth

Flying the depth

A Poem by prodicallife

It took me 7 months to post this poetry not because I was continuously refining the flavor or the theme but, the "title" was something that held my role.

She was the angel of heart
It was just a matter of time
When she used to sail the love cart

Wide up, flying high on stems of trust
A tree with fruits of hatred 
and the roots of lust

An innocent bright bird 
Who used to chirp the songs of love
Swinging for the world to dance
Dancing on the tune of romance

She was a cotton ball
Resting near a heart of coal
Who used to speak about the purity of soul

Once under the dark sky
Her angel turned daemon and
Her beautiful smile started to cry

Shattered away with the broken wings
She fell down red blooded into my limbs

Less on conscious wet with blood
I pulled her close to me
She was sensitive as a bud

Her pain was hard for me to bear
A droplet fell on my hand
That was her warm tear

Despite disconnected from the world into my arms
Her eyes were crying 
Speaking her grudge hard

I felt a bond 
Following from my soul to hold hers
It was so dark inside
I decided to stay there forever

twisting and tumbling she looked into my eyes
trying to recognize
Each and every soul hovering by

I held her tight and felt her warm breath
Screaming out loud
She dreaded for death

I held her firm
And hugged her tight
I kissed her forehead and promised to end this fight

She held me harder and wept her agony
She sung my words
To tune her symphony

Harder and stronger
She fought her pain each day
Gaining strength to ride again
The love sleigh

Soon, she learned to maintain the balance again
Pulling me closer and putting her love to claim

It was hard to fly with the angel
As her wings were still bruced
It was not the time to tune her
As her heart was abused

Bolting me hard to her side
She started to fly high
It was not her, drubbing the wind beside
It was me flying by

I pumped up high to take her higher
Touching a distance
She changed her desire

She was the angel of my heart
Strong enough to fly again
I was much cherished to fly alone
Rather than creeping with the pain

© 2013 prodicallife

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What a sad journey your Angel went through...and you along with her, to help carry her burdens, until it was time to part...
This is a sad, yet touching piece. Nicely done, my friend. ~xoxo~

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

My pleasure to read your work of art, my dear friend. xx :)

9 Years Ago

Thanks once again Robbie.

That is well deserved pleasure for me.

Regardsread more

9 Years Ago

You're welcome (((hugs))) :)
I like the story in the poem. I like the way you used the Angel to stress your point.
"She was the angel of my heart
Strong enough to fly again"
It is odd how things can change and we learn to cherish flying alone. I like the ending to the excellent poetry.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Once again, I am filled with the pond of respect in my heart.

It's so blooming and gent.. read more

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jaipur, rajasthan, India

i`m a writer of my own destination, Hi this is Saurabh Bhatia...random thotsss invade my mind all the time....LOVE is what i would like to specify izzz my favourite field.. LETA HU TERA NAAM HR PAL .. more..


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