i knew this was the moment

i knew this was the moment

A Story by Muhammad Qasim

For a school competition


Deep down, i knew this was the moment; the one I have been waiting for, for all this time. I glared to my left followed by the gaze to my right, it was empty, no being, no machine; along me, I was all alone. I stared ahead, my eyes wide awake, in the heavenly light; there it was, right in front of me, I was sure that this was the moment. It was within my grasp, a few steps away, my mouth dripping wet from the luxurious dreams.

That very moment, when I couldn’t move, was unable to step forward, I noticed those numerous hands bleeding yet holding down my legs, those very hands I stepped on, to acquire the position I was at, it was a gruesome sight. My eyes peeking behind, on the owners of those hands, all crying tears of blood and pain, sorrow and nothing more, their eyes filled with the fire of revenge; the ones that once only exhibited love.  

I jolted my leg at the left, slipping free of all those earthly ties, faces of my loved ones disappearing; but I pressed forward; their memories fading as I planted my foot. I bolted the other; dragging their hands, unable to break free, their memories sticking along, a total of five: now four. My once radiant eyeballs, gone dull, filled with never ending tears, as they came down my cheeks. I moved then dragged my feet, another step forward, now down to two.

My dull face grinning, I was literally laughing as my tears of sadness seemed like those collateral of joy! Just there, two more and it will all be finished. I surveyed behind one last time, All those faces filled with animosity: towards me. Another step forward, my evil laugh widening my now dead eyes, just one memory left, one life hanging on that one step. I was over everything, every earthly desire, all worldly love. I took that step; I was there on that spot, under the light, on the context of all the rest. It was the end, it was the moment.

As I placed my hand on that button, what a friend said long ago, adhered my mind

“Death comes to all, but only the Almighty decides when that is”

I took my hand off and looked ahead, it wasn't animosity but it was sadness for what I was about to do, it changed to amnesty before I could blink. It was not my time I thought as all the people now were rescued and I was surrounded by the righteous ones believing in the justice system of our community. “It was not my time” I thought “as heaven slipped away from my hands, I lost then and there the title of martyr that I so wanted.” My hands taken by those law enforcers as my hands tied behind me, I looked up at that face, that face of my friend who saved my life with what he said without even knowing it, he smiled at that moment and said

“Fighting off your evil desires are in itself a jihad; one that you just won.

 I smiled in gratitude, more than I could express in words. I was alive.


© 2013 Muhammad Qasim

Author's Note

Muhammad Qasim
Jihad: Arabic word for fighting against evil

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"speechless"...man..i'm just running out of words to properly appreciate your work...it's just too impeccable to find any perfect word to admire it's style,theme,feelings and message!!
bravo! HATS OFF TO YOU!! you have done an amazing job freind,STUNNING!!
i do bet that you have won this school competition because it's worth winning!! things which seizes our mind,heart and soul are worth it!! honestly i was totally blown away to read every words and every sentence,so dark ,so chaotic!!
and tonnes of thanks for sharing this great wise work with us...i hope those ignorant people get this message of yours. What you have just written in the second last line..."Bows of thanks"...that's what exactly my father use to tell us and i'm glad that someone else has also got this wisdom!! be blessed my friend!! and i just can't resist to confess that this one has truly inspired me...i don't know but if i would have been there competing with you...i would have definitely lost it!!
overall:a great stunning write with a wisest message in it!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Muhammad Qasim

8 Years Ago

oh okay!! no salute then hehe!! n i'll be waiting for that write then!!
The dark story

8 Years Ago

i am on it...it's abook. will post it soon. do read it someyime! why doon't you look on my first sto.. read more
Muhammad Qasim

8 Years Ago

i will!! for sure :)
I love this enigmatic, mysterious feel to your work. Your style is great!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Muhammad Qasim

8 Years Ago

Thank you for your kind words!! always an inspiration :D to write more!
Woah... dude! I was hooked to this to the end. That's a good thing, being able to captivate your readers. But tell me.... Sorry if it seems silly to ask. What exactly is happening?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Muhammad Qasim

8 Years Ago

haww!! marxi hai ab bache ko rulao gi kia ;P
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Muhammad Qasim

8 Years Ago

hehe! nhi

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