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A Story by rachael

not your typical paper about jealousy written by a teenager. jealousy with more meaning and desire than just having popularity



High school girls are often jealous of the silliest things: popularity, hair, looks, clothes, and boys. Most of these things will not even matter to them a year or two from now. I am jealous of the normal life that all them get to live and the family that they have. I am jealous that everyone else gets to have a complete family made up of their mother and father, even if their parents are divorced, and their siblings while I have had to live the last six years without my dad.
What I am jealous of is not something most people would not understand. Most teenagers are not as appreciative of their parents as they should be. They have no idea how much I would give to have the complete family that they write off as overbearing and uncool. I am also jealous that to them, Thanksgiving is just another holiday, where as for me, it is the anniversary of the saddest day of my life. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day of family, but for my family, it is a day we try our best to ignore.
Not many teenagers I know understand how great their parents really are and I feel bad for them. I am jealous that they have two parents, but half of the time, these kids just complain about their parents. It is something I will always be jealous about and there is nothing I can do about it, but it kills me to hear my peers talk about their parents in a negative way. Coping with this kind of jealousy is something very different than being jealous of popularity. In four years at the most, popularity will not matter as much, but living without my dad will last a lifetime.
I used to get angry whenever someone griped about their parents, but at this age I have found it happens far too frequently to get too worked up about. My way with coping is simply to ignore the complainer and drown out their carping with fantasies of even having a father to complain about.

© 2012 rachael

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Added on October 22, 2012
Last Updated on October 22, 2012
Tags: jealousy, teenager, family, dad, daddy, father, appreciation, prompt, teen



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