Playing in the Sand

Playing in the Sand

A Poem by redzone

….a love story, poem 1




On a cloudy Sunday morn
we walked the empty beach
hand in hand,
playing tag with grayish waves
and laughing at the way
salt air mingled with
October blown, and tangled hair.
I was fascinated by you, even then,
as you danced ahead, turned
inviting me to taste
the space where you had just been.

An early October Sunday morn,
the water still warm enough to take a swim,
to feel Gulf stream mysteries
against our skin.
We lost track of time
in each others jazzy scent.
Or did time lose us,
maybe slipping into a moment?
It was as if we warped
around a crazy Nina Simone heart beat
when suddenly we came upon the hidden cove.
Over hanging trees gave some shade
as a late rising sun laid naked
the calmness of the waters blue.
While the motion of the waves
sliding smoothly across the shore
sounded like swishing notes of Ninas blues.
It took away our breath and I remember well
standing next to you
never wanting to leave.

Not sure what happened next
it seems still as more a dream.
From the other side of the cove they came,
two playful Gray Wolves
barking at the advancing,
then retreating waves.
Seeing them was magic,
even more was the smile on your face.
And then,
you were off running
and leaped into their games
as if you belonged there all along
as if they were long lost friends
as if you were somehow even more alive
as if
I know it’s how I first knew I loved you,
the creamy texture of your deep Mahogany skin,
the beauty of being a natural child,
free, uninhibited, human wild.
And the wolves,
one totally black
the other, mixed gray and white,
with black around the ears and eyes.
The black one must have been male cause
after a bit came to sit
by me almost as if he were saying,
They are beautiful, dontcha think?
Not sure how long it was before I awoke,
laying peacefully on the beach
Was it just a dream?
I could see wolf and human
foot-prints next to where I laid
and yet where had you gone?
The feeling of mystery
and being alive with wonder
was tucked deeply inside
next to my heart
as I walked back the way we had come.
I saw the note as I opened the car door.
You said, Redzone, thank you
for helping me find the dream cove place
where I live with my wolf friends again.
Once we lived many in these parts
raising family.
Once, this was a beautiful place.
Perhaps, if you want,
you could find me someday,
you know where to look.

I could only laugh at her joy
written in heart beats of Nina Simone
calling my name and inviting this poem.
She signed it with her paw print and
the scent of salt air and sand
wrapped around a picture of us
walking hand in hand
enjoying each other in a smile.


© 2020 redzone

Author's Note

....thanks for reading

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This reminds me of the place where I grew up. It was a summer resort town on the shore. We, my best friend and I, would walk our dogs on the beach in the fall. The feel of the cool autumn breezes and the sting of the salt sea water awakened in us feeling of delight and early love. Thank you for the memory.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Truly one of the best love poems I've ever read. I was so entranced thru this. Love the dynamic way you show the scene, the interactions, the feelings. Love how you mix up your delivery, changing from pleading to questioning to repeating to describing, all keeping your words so compelling. I love how we're left not knowing for sure how this scene actually manifested, but it could be a number of possibilities that you suggest (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Months Ago

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