Garden of Treachery

Garden of Treachery

A Story by Robert Ulysses Wright

A couple wakes up in Paradise and discovers the meaning of sacrifice.


In the beginning, when the Creator was making the heavens and the earth, the earth being formless and void with darkness covering the face of the waters of the deep; Its spirit moved over the waters. And It said, Let there be light…

* * *

A splendid sunrise rose over the distant mountains as air, saturated with sweet, delicate fragrances flowed into the lush valley. Rainbow hues gradually illuminated the sky while the sound of trees swaying gently in the soft breeze filled the Garden of Eden. Creatures of all shapes and sizes slowly woke from their slumber while beams of sunlight continued their march, dispelling the darkness overhead.

The stirring of the marvelous animals that surrounded the garden increased; it reached the ears of the two young overseers lying beneath a short tree. Long, slender limbs and green leaves swooped down to softly caress their hair, awakening them from a sound sleep. They sat up and took in all the magnificence that their eyes could behold. The glimmering light of a river nearby caught their attention and as they rose, the branches above them enveloped the two in a kind of embrace. The peace and serenity they sensed was as real as the air they breathed and the ground they stood on. It was another glorious day in paradise.

          Adam emerged from under the tree and took a deep, invigorating breath. He looked over at his beautiful mate and stretched out his hand toward her.  

“Eve, come with me to the river.”

She stepped out from beneath the tree and took her husband’s hand. They proceeded to the waters flowing not more than 20 paces from where they fell asleep the night before. The crystal blue river beckoned before them and as they drew closer, a balmy wind met them near the shore. A short stone’s throw across, the gentle river was at most only waist deep. As their naked bodies slowly disappeared into the swirling, temperate waters, the brightening sky displayed a spectacular aerial formation of brilliantly colored fowl, their calls reaching out across the vast garden. As they splashed around the slow, meandering river, the two overseers drank in the refreshing liquid and blissfully spent the early morning hours bathing.

“What shall we eat this day my husband?” Eve asked of Adam.

“Let us go near the garden’s center and eat from the tree that has the small round fruit. Do you remember my beloved? The kind I called ‘Date’”, Adam recollected with a smile. “We both enjoy its taste and it is sweeter than the others we have tried.”

“Yes, I remember,” said Eve, “I like the idea very much.”

They rose from the waters, their nude, fit bodies dripping moisture on the grass. They walked hand-in-hand toward the middle of the garden located on a hill overlooking the valley where the river Gishon flowed, fed by streams emanating from the hill. Creatures, great and small, lying docile along the path leading to the garden’s epicenter greeted the two adventurous humans on their short journey. The lion and the zebra, the fox and the hen along with numerous, other odd assortments were there. Mostly oblivious to each other, their attention was focused on the caretakers strolling past them.

The trail was a familiar one to the young couple. They were escorted earlier in the week by their Creator on a sort of botanical guided tour. He showed the couple all that were to be under their care and supervision. They would be fed by all manner of fruit trees and accompanied by a great variety of creatures that Adam was assigned by the Creator to identify with a particular name of Adam’s choosing. Adam performed the task splendidly, completing it before day’s end. He confidently recalled the names of all the creatures to the Lord the very next morning. He rattled off name after name, never hesitating once. The Creator was truly impressed with Adam’s enthusiasm, creativity and intellectual capacity. Everything the Creator made up to this point had progressed perfectly and Adam sensed his Maker’s satisfaction. It was a feeling of overwhelming peace and joy.

          Upon nearing the middle of the garden, the beauty of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil once again captivated them. They beheld the aesthetic symmetry and stature of the majestic Tree. They noticed the delicate fruit hanging all around at about eye level. They could not miss the spiral bands of the multi-colored fruit for it stood out in lush contrast to the rest of the Tree. In fact, the Tree itself stood out from all the other trees in shape, color and fragrance, a cross between the Rainbow Eucalyptus and Anna Apple tree. It is the centerpiece of the Garden of Eden.

Alongside the magnificent Tree, stood the smaller and drab neighbor, the Tree of Life. Although not as attractive as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Life has a character all its own. Its fruit filled limbs reached up to the sky as if praising the day. Besides, it was not meant to compete with its bigger sibling, just accompany it. Except for the small shrubs that form two semi-circles around the pair, the area was clear of any foliage or obstruction. It is as if a master gardener sculpted the area with the express purpose of bringing attention to these two remarkable plants.

The fruit and bloom that adorned the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was definitely the finishing touch. The fruit was uniform in shape and about the size of a tangerine. It could fit in one’s hand to be easily eaten, if only such a thing were allowed. It was forbidden to Adam and his wife to eat of the Tree. All that was allowed for the couple is to look upon its splendor and admire the Tree from a distance.

The Tree of Life with its smaller, darker and oddly shaped fruit was a different matter. The fruit was permitted to be eaten for it contained important ingredients essential to their bodies, allowing them to sustain life as long as they consumed the fruit on a regular basis. In essence, they could live forever to enjoy the delights of paradise so long as they obeyed the instructions given to them by their Creator. It was nearby should they choose to summon It for help or guidance, but the responsibility for the care and nurture of the garden was theirs alone. The creatures living around the garden were also their concern as well. The couple could command the creatures to eat and move as they saw fit for they had power over the all the animals of the land, air and seas.

As they turned their attention away from the center of the garden, they noticed a commotion coming from the area around the tree they originally planned on harvesting. A small group of animals had gathered around an apple tree and were eating its crop.

“The creatures have the same idea as we do,” Adam remarked to Eve. “They seem to enjoy the same things as us for they anticipated our thoughts yesterday as well”.

He smiled at Eve and they decided to wait for the animals to finish. Although he could send them off with a simple command, he had compassion on the group and allowed them to stay.

“There will be plenty of fruit for us to eat. I will let them have as much as they want.” Adam chose a nearby bush and lay down next to it. “Do you wish to join me my beloved?” Adam inquired.

“I would like very much to continue the walk my husband. I will circle the beautiful Tree and return to you,” Eve replied.

“Very well, I will enjoy watching you walk as I always do, for you are my delight.”

Eve made a slow, deliberate walk around the center of the garden. She admired the surroundings while her husband watched her move gracefully about. She was a remarkably attractive woman with long flowing, golden hair and tanned skin. Her green eyes were bright in contrast to Adam’s darker features. His black curly hair, brown skin and eyes around a muscular frame did not go unnoticed by Eve as she gave a backward glance at Adam. She smiled and continued her walk.

As he watched her walk away, a thought occurred to him. “How amazing that she came from one of my ribs and yet she appears so different than me”, he whispered. 'The Lord is truly wonderful', he thought to himself.

          Eve reached the other side of the dirt path encircling the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil when she noticed a brightly colored animal walking toward her. The creature looked familiar but she could not remember this particular one as the one Adam had named the other day. Maybe it was one of its relatives that came before Adam in order that it should be properly identified. Still, she was not sure. The creature, closely resembling a medium size, long necked dog with smooth, hairless, multicolored skin and short, pointed ears behind bright oval eyes strutted about on all fours. The slender, long-tailed animal was quite a sight to behold and Eve was fascinated. She stopped and watched the creature as it proudly walked toward her, head held high.

          “Greetings Eve, are you admiring the beauty of the garden?” the creature said to her as it passed close by. She was astonished to hear it speak so fluently, not like the other creatures of the garden that had the ability to communicate but only at the request of Adam and with very few words. This one made an unsolicited remark and did so eloquently.

“Yes… I am,” she replied to the serpent after a brief hesitation. The serpent stopped, turned and fixed his gaze on Eve. Their eyes met for a moment and she was transfixed by his appearance and stare. No creature had ever looked at her that way before and she had an odd sensation that for the first time made her feel slightly uneasy.

“How did you know my name?” she asked, trying to relieve the growing tension within her.

“All creation knows who you are for how can they not know such a delightful creature,” the serpent responded in flattering tones. She was not sure what to say next so the serpent continued his dialogue. “Eve, you are unique to us for this is how the Lord intended it to be. Your beauty is beyond comparison; surely Adam has told you this already.”

Eve was uncertain how to reply to that but her curiosity about the animal took over. “What are you called?” she asked as she leaned over for a closer look.

“I am Beehzul, the serpent. I come from outside the garden. It is a fantastic world which very few have seen. I could show you if you like but the journey may take several days.”

“Perhaps one day my husband and I will be allowed to go beyond the garden but for now we have to tend to its needs,” Eve responded.

She was calm once more and she continued her walk around the Tree. The serpent accompanied her, making sure she was within close proximity.

“You seem to be very knowing of Adam and me. How is it you know so much?” Eve asked Beehzul.

“I am the most astute; the most wise of all the creatures of the surrounding lands that the Lord God has created. Truly I tell you, I am almost as wise as you and your husband. Therefore, when I tell you something, it is with certainty that I speak,” the serpent said smugly, holding his head up proudly.  

“I did not know that,” said Eve, “I have much to learn about this garden and its inhabitants.”

“Be at ease Eve, for I am here to help you gain much knowledge about the Lord and His creation. Do you wish for me to help you learn this knowledge?” asked the serpent. Eve thought for a moment before responding.

“I would like that very much. I can be of greater help to my husband.” Beehzul was so delighted he let out a chuckling hiss.

“Eve, I am very proud of you. Already you are gaining knowledge faster than I may be able to impart to you.”

An emotion started to permeate her being and she gradually smiled as a feeling of pride welled up within her. She contemplated all the possibilities and her thoughts began to run away inside her head.

“Eve, before we go any further there is something I must show you. Come with me.”

“Wait,” she said suddenly, “I should get my husband. I would like for him to learn this knowledge with me.”

The serpent immediately countered.

“Eve, Eve, my dear friend, don’t you think Adam would be happier if you showed him how much knowledge you have gained than if I showed him. He would be so proud of you and think how special you would be to him. Why should I stand in the way of such precious moments?”

Eve considered the words the serpent had spoken to her. She reasoned to herself that it made good sense and decided to follow Beehzul’s advice.

“You are truly wise as you say you are,” she told the serpent as she pointed a finger to herself. “It would be better if I showed him, that way he will think of me as a worthy helper, it is after all why the Lord has made me.”

“You are delightful Eve; did I not tell you so?” The serpent gurgled as he pranced around the giggling woman. “So delightful…so delightful”, he repeated to himself. “Did I not tell you so?”

“Indeed you have Beehzul, indeed you have,” Eve replied with glee.

She followed him toward the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, its inviting aroma permeated the air, now remarkably stronger the closer she approached. But as she neared the Tree, she began to feel troubled about the situation. She recalled what her husband had told her regarding the fruit of this Tree and the command not to eat of it for she will “most surely die” if she ate of it. The serpent turned to her and saw her worried look.

“Eve, it is quite alright to go near the Tree. The Lord did not say you can’t be close to it. How else can you admire it? Certainly not from over there, yes?”

She looked at him and nodded in agreement. She continued slowly toward the Tree, astonished at its delicate beauty and ripened fruit clinging just beneath the outstretched limbs, gently swaying in the calm wind.

“Is this not the most beautiful Tree you have ever seen?” asked the serpent.

Eve is mesmerized. She had never been this close to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The fruit hung delicately around her head as she stood beneath the Tree, the trunk just a short distance away. Beehzul snuggled up against the smooth, multi-colored bark, watching Eve as she turned underneath the branches, looking as if she were wearing some kind of headdress.

“This is a special moment, wonderful child; you may never have this occasion again,” said Beehzul.

Beehzul suddenly leaped up, knocked one of the fruit off a branch and as it descended the serpent snatched it in its jaws. He placed it on the ground next to Eve who had been startled by the serpent’s actions.

“Don’t concern yourself, Eve; this is what I wanted to show you.”

As she watched the creature, it picked up the fruit in its mouth and began chomping the forbidden crop. In a short time it had finished the fruit. After licking its mouth, it let out a contented sigh.

“Ah…, Eve that is the most exquisitely, delicious fruit I have ever eaten.”

She was amazed to see that nothing happened to the serpent. She continued waiting for an outcome. The serpent simply sat next to the Tree and gazed at the astonished Eve.

“How is it that you are not dead? There is still life inside you even after eating the fruit which I was told would make me die.”

“Why are you so surprised?” The serpent countered. “You yourself said that you have much to learn,” he said, somewhat disappointed. “Sometimes we hear things that are not true but we think they are because someone we love and is close to our heart tells us it is so.”

She considered the words of the serpent, trying to recall what it was she heard from her husband’s lips.

“Did the Lord actually say that you would die if you ate from this Tree?” the serpent probes. She thought briefly before answering.

“Well…I did not really hear the Lord say those words to me only what my husband said he heard the Lord tell him.”

Beehzul again tested Eve.

“What was it that your husband told you exactly?” he inquired.

“We should not touch it or eat it or else we would die.”

There was uncertainty in her response that Beehzul picked up on right away.

“Go ahead and touch it Eve, you will see that nothing will happen to you,” the serpent challenged. “Do not be afraid. Trust me Eve; you will see I am right.”

She hesitated for a bit then reached up and quickly touched one of the fruit. She pulled back her arm and looked over at the attentive serpent. Her breathing becomes heavy as her body fills with anxious anticipation. She began to wonder if this was such a good idea.

“Be at ease Eve, nothing is going to happen to you, I can assure you of that.”

As the seconds passed, her deep breathing gradually subsided and Eve glanced up at the Tree in increased amazement. She relaxed and looked around for her husband but the Tree obscured her view. Beehzul made sure to bring her near the tree but away from Adam’s line of sight. The serpent approached, stood on its hind legs and places his front legs on Eve’s abdomen. He looked straight into her eyes and spoke to her in a comforting voice.

“With this knowledge you can help your husband overcome his fears, the same fear you felt as you came close to the Tree and right before you touched it. I am proud of the way you showed courage my dear Eve. Believe me when I tell you that you will not die from eating this enchanting fruit. It will only increase your knowledge of the garden and what lies beyond this paradise. You will become like the Lord knowing all things, which is what He desires for you and your husband. Be the brave woman you were meant to be. It is the only way, the secret way to overcoming death!”

Beehzul returned to all fours, sat and awaited her response. He had given his best presentation. Now, all he could do was wait and hope while the woman considered the events that had just transpired. It did not take long for the woman to feel emboldened as a surge of confidence welled up inside her.

“You are right my little friend, I now know what I must do.”

She hurried around the Tree and headed toward her husband lying down by the bush, staring at the sky above. As Eve approached, Adam rose from the ground and greeted his wife with a hug.

“How was your walk my beloved? I could not see you behind the Tree so I began to stare at the sky and marvel at all the shapes and colors above me. I was wondering how great it would be to float on the wind as the birds do with such ease.”

“My husband, I was enlightened by a marvelous little creature that showed me that we can become so wise we will be like our Creator, knowing all things.”

Adam had a puzzled look on his face as Eve recounted the words and deeds of the serpent.

“You touched the fruit?” Adam asked startled. He grabbed her hands and examined them looking for any changes in appearance. She moved her hands up to his face and gently placed them on his cheeks, stroking them softly. He loved the way she would comfort him in this manner and this moment was no exception.

“Look at me my beloved; I am as I have always been. There is no change in me. I too was fearful at first but nothing happened to me.” Adam relaxed once more and thought again about the details of the event.

“You say this Beehzul ate the fruit and it did not die?” Adam enquired.

“Yes, my husband, that is true. The serpent did not die or change in any way.”

“Could it be that I misunderstood the Lord’s instructions,” Adam wondered. “Perhaps, He meant something else but I do not remember any other instructions regarding the Tree. I am sure He said not to eat of it or death would surely follow. He made it known that our life would cease within us.”

He looked into Eve’s eyes as if searching for an answer. She gave him a reassuring smile.

“My husband, have you considered the idea that perhaps the Lord wants to see if we have become enlightened with this truth… that he wants us to eat of the fruit of the Tree. That way we become like Him, which is exactly what He desires of us!” Eve exclaimed excitedly.

Adam analyzed his wife’s statement carefully but is not quite satisfied with her explanation.

“I must see this creature and examine his words. Come with me Eve.”

Adam took his wife’s hand and they proceeded to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Beehzul trotted around the Tree, humming a tune. He was expecting the caretakers’ visit and was prepared for them. Beehzul’s carefully crafted plan was coming to fruition. It was he who started the commotion with the animals near the apple tree by getting them to compete for the fruits just as the two humans were about to appear. He had been spying on them, listening to their words and taking mental note of their actions. The elaborate scheme he conjured in the passing days was working perfectly. Beehzul was careful to make sure they would not become suspicious and run away by first applying his crafty, psychological design on her. She would then pull her husband into the trap, cause him to break the decree and thereby make Beehzul the chief creature in charge of the garden. So he imagined. His ambition knew no limits and these two humans were not about to get in his way.

As Adam and Eve walked the perimeter around the Tree and approached the serpent, he sat and waited for them to speak in order to determine their state of mind.

“This is my little friend I told you about Adam, is he not a curious creature?”

“Indeed he is Eve, indeed he is.” He stooped lower to get a closer look while the serpent folded his ears back and lowered his head. “Speak up my little friend, tell me about yourself,” Adam commanded.

“It is an honor to meet you at last, most wonderful Adam. All creation is blessed to have you watching over us for we know that you are the chosen one of the Lord. I am your humble servant Beehzul, ready to answer your call.”

Adam was impressed with the serpent’s greeting and he admired the creature’s beautifully decorated skin. It was as if an artist took a brush to its back and created a moving canvass of alternating light and dark, iridescent colors that changed with every move and angle of light.

          “My wife tells me you have some knowledge that can make us wise, is this true?”

The serpent raised its head and stared into Adam’s eyes. It was the moment the serpent had been waiting for and he paused a moment before answering.

“Most gracious Adam, I am not worthy to instruct you. All I know is to be who I am and tend to my concerns. I live my life simply to please and to be a good servant. I do not presume to know more than my master or be greater than he. I ate of this tree as I have always done and thought no more of it. Perhaps your wife may provide you with the special knowledge you seek.”

With that, they both turn to her. Eve is suddenly at a loss for words as she is now the center of attention. Adam placed his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“My beloved, is this true? Do you have some special knowledge?” Adam asked almost jealously.

Eve looked at Beehzul as if for some kind of help with the proper words.

“Come now, Eve, you must not keep things from your husband, it is not right that you should deny him special knowledge,” the serpent stated matter-of-factly.

“I am not hiding anything from my husband,” Eve said rather annoyed.

It was the first time she had ever felt this way towards him. The sensation gave her renewed strength and she looked into Adam’s eyes once more as she gradually removed his hands from her shoulders. Adam felt awkward by this action from his wife and he stepped back a bit to recover himself. The emotions the young pair experienced for the first time felt strange to them. Never before had they had such an encounter like this and it was all too surreal to them. The peace and serenity they had always known was evaporating, replaced by disturbing sentiments foreign to their being. It was something the serpent would not let spiral out of control. He would carefully guide them to his final objective with deft cunning. Still, Beehzul had to be cautious with his words or risk losing them just before they committed the violation he so eagerly awaited. He could sense their growing tension. It was time to intervene.

And yet, there was something about this confrontation that he enjoyed, something about this disturbance that both fascinated and enchanted him. The serpent felt a sense of fulfillment as his purpose was finally being realized by this interaction with the humans. How did he not comprehend this sooner? With their demise, he would no longer have any worthy adversaries. He was beginning to feel a sense of regret by the impending outcome that for a moment he considered letting it go further. Clearly, he was enjoying this phenomena, this most sacred of occasions, a ritual in its own right, a ceremony of cosmic proportions. He breathed deeply and quickly regained his senses; it was time to execute the plan. He would not and could not back out so close to completion. The moment was about to arrive, bringing with it the long awaited usurping of the Garden of Eden.

“Master, if you permit me, I may be able to provide some insight to this dilemma,” the serpent interjected.

Adam glanced down at Beehzul. “You have permission Beehzul, proceed.”

“Master, your wife is a very good helper. I can tell by her enthusiasm that she truly loves you and desires the best for you. I believe that she does not want to overshadow you and so she hesitates to answer. I too would be slow to speak out of great respect for a loved one. Therefore, do not be anxious or troubled in your soul over her actions. She has shown bravery in bringing you here and I am sure it was not an easy task. If it pleases you, I humbly request a show of patience. Allow her to demonstrate her courage to you my master. Consider it a gift that she wishes to bestow upon you.”

The serpent lowered its head and turned to Eve, carefully blinking an eye in her direction. She smiled and was emboldened once again. Adam looked into her eyes and took her hand.

“I feel I have not allowed you sufficient time and for this I am truly sorry my beloved. Please receive my gratitude,” Adam said affectionately.

“I receive your love, my husband.” She took a deep breath before continuing. “It is time to show you what I have brought you here for my beloved. I believe that the Lord desires for us to gain much knowledge and to be more like him. The Lord does not want us to remain ignorant of Its creation. If there is a way to gain this knowledge, then it is our duty to seek it out and take hold of it.”

With that, Eve reached out and grabbed hold of a fruit clinging nearby. For an instant, time seemed to stand still; the wind subsiding ever so slightly as she tugged on the savory fruit. The branch released its hold on the fruit as she pulled back her arm; the prize now nestled in her hand. Adam was transfixed, his whole being unable to move by what he had just witnessed.

“Behold, my beloved Adam, I now possess the precious fruit and it has quickened my soul. I am not dead nor am I losing strength. I know it will do the same for you. Reach out and take hold of it, see for yourself that I am telling the truth.”

She held the fruit up to her face but did not take a bite. She examined it while turning it in all directions, admiring its beauty and aroma. Beehzul could hardly contain his delight as he watched the events unfold right before his eyes, his plan on the verge of culmination. He quickly looked around to make sure no one would interfere or disrupt his impending moment of triumph. His eyes then focused on the hand of Adam, as it slowly rose toward the fruit cradled in Eve’s tender hand. The serpent sat motionless so as not to be noticed. Inside, his heart was pounding with expectation.

‘Take a bite, just one small bite,’ he thought to himself. ‘It will all be accomplished in just a little bite and this garden will be mine to rule as I please. Don’t make me wait any longer fools, eat it now…eat it now!’ The words rolled around the serpent’s brain.

Empowered by his wife, Adam took the fruit from her hand and began to admire the tempting treat.

“You are truly right my beloved, I feel different inside, as if I can do anything I desire with nothing to detain me,” Adam remarked. “I want to gain this knowledge, to be wise like the Lord. It is time for us to rise above our limits and gain this treasure of understanding. This is what It would have us do. Let us therefore partake of this fruit of wisdom together my beloved. Let us now eat and be filled with knowledge!”  

Adam took a step closer to his wife and as their faces inched nearer to the fruit, their eyes met as never before. Adam carefully held the fruit with his fingers so as to allow a simultaneous bite. A feeling of exhilaration built within them as their lips drew near to the illicit object. They slowly opened their mouths, exposed their teeth and sank them deep into the meat of the fruit. The juice dripped out, taste buds sensing for the first time the sweetness of the forbidden. They masticate with satisfaction while a smile broke out across their face. After swallowing their first morsel, a slight chuckle was heard nearby, like an asthmatic hyena, growing steadily louder and louder.

“They did it, they did it,” Beehzul repeated over and over. “They ate of the fruit, they ate of the fruit; shhh, shhh, shhh!”

The man and his wife looked over at the prancing serpent and suddenly realize the deception that has taken place. Adam hastily dropped the fruit from his hand and began to feel panic. Eve clutched her throat as a horrified look appears on her countenance. They stared at each other, hearts beating inside their chest so powerfully they felt like they would burst. A flood of emotions washed over them, making even standing a difficult chore. Their legs grew weak and as the beads of sweat started to trickle down their face, a feeling of shame overwhelmed the couple. They saw for the first time their nakedness.

It had never occurred to them before that they were nude but now the embarrassment of what they had done magnified every imperfection in their being and it was too much to bear. They mustered what little strength they could gather and without bothering to clutch hands, staggered away from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, leaving a solitary little creature behind frolicking in sheer joy.

Their steps quickened but they lacked a sense of direction. They seemed lost and without purpose as they haphazardly headed toward a nearby thicket hoping to escape the stare of the animals that suddenly seem alarmed. The animal kingdom had been alerted to a strange presence in the garden and they began to feel restless. The increasingly disturbing sensation dissipated the calm of the garden. The animals scattered in all directions while distress in the form of strange utterances began to emanate from the once peaceful animals of the garden. The rampage dispersed flocks of birds from the trees whose flight added to the turmoil that encapsulated the Garden of Eden. It sent shivers through the souls of the two frightened, dispirited humans.

The raucous outburst would surely catch the Creator’s attention at a time when they least needed it. If the commotion would just cease they might be able to hide the violation and no one would be the wiser. Yet, it was just the beginning of a great upheaval the young couple had carelessly set in motion. Cowering behind a nearby grove of fig trees, two desperate young people hurriedly plucked leaves and piled them in a heap. It is a scene both comical and sad.

“What are we doing Adam? Why do I feel like this? I am so confused and afraid,” a tearful Eve begged of her distraught husband.

“Keep picking leaves!” Adam snapped back. “I should never have listened to her,” Adam mutters to himself. “She led me to that serpent and deceived me into disobeying the Lord. Why did I follow her? Why?” he continued to question himself.

“Adam, please tell me what do we do now? Answer me, please!” Eve hysterically demanded of Adam.

A hand reached up and took hold of her jaw. Her eyes widened in shock. The once gentle hand that before would caress painfully clutched her mouth close. Adam’s angry facial features frightened Eve.

“I will not stand before the Lord looking like this. I am ashamed of what I have done and I will not appear before It without some kind of cover. Do you understand me now woman?”

He released his hold and returned to the previous task. After a brief pause, she regained her composure. She stood there watching her husband frantically plucking and piling the leaves. Her mood had changed and she began to speak with conviction.  

“Do you really believe the Lord will not see something is wrong with this?” Eve fired back while pointing to the pile. “For certain I have gained this much knowledge my husband; the Lord is not ignorant. It will know that you are hiding your disobedience. It will anger the Lord even more!”

Adam stopped once more and looked at his wife. She started to make sense but he refused to take her advice. It was, after all, her persuasive words that led them to this mess. He would not be taking her counsel on matters of importance anymore. Those days were over. Everything would change provided he passed the upcoming reunion with the Lord. Adam would take charge and his word would be final. He was quite angry at his wife but he still managed to have a bit of sympathy for her. He knew she meant well but she instigated this fiasco and he was reluctant to trust her words no matter how convincing they sounded. If he managed to survive the coming judgment, then the partnership would be annulled and he would be free to assume responsibility for his own volition. At least that’s what he believed at the moment. After a brief respite, Adam calmed himself and decided to take a different approach with Eve.

“Listen to my idea. Let us make a covering for ourselves so that the Lord will be impressed with our creation. Then It will not notice anything wrong with us,” Adam explained to his wife. “You need to be brave like you were at the Tree. If not, the Lord will perceive something is wrong and then we will have to confess what we have done. You will not want to do that.”

She looked at Adam with a smirk of incredulity.

“My beloved Adam, I hope for our sake you are right,” she responded as she shook her head ever so slightly.

“Grab the leaves and bring what you can. We must hurry,” Adam said decidedly.

They each grabbed a pile of leaves and scurried over to nearby trees covered in clinging vines. In a frantic display of creativity, the couple fastened together leaves and vines. It was an odd scene of cooperation; the two designers clothing each other around the waist with leaves hanging low enough to cover their genitals. Suddenly, just as they were finishing the work on their makeshift apparel, a familiar sound echoed throughout the garden. They paused briefly, ears tuned for the slightest bit of noise, and then quickly proceeded to tie the skirts behind their backs, each one taking a turn at the job. Trembling hands made the work difficult. The couple completed their task when a call was heard originating from the East, just down the path that led to the splendid river. It was the Lord and It summoned Adam with a powerful voice.

Adam, where are you!”

          The sun had not yet made it to its zenith when the sound of a rushing wind rustled through the trees and the garden stirred with the sounds of the creatures. The inhabitants of the garden call out to the Creator in a chorus of praise that startled the young couple cowering in fear behind a row of arborvitae. The dejected couple clasped their hands for the first time since the transgression and looked upon each other with tear filled eyes. Adam’s bold persona had fled from him and he was incapable of a response, unable to muster even the slightest strength to open his mouth.

Adam, where are you!”

The voice was closer and louder but still he hid with his wife, overwhelmed by his emotions. If he could have buried himself in the deepest waters or fly to the tallest mountains he would do so without hesitation. He would have rather been any place but here, anywhere but this paradise. They tried to control their breathing and take in deep gulps of air. Swallowing had even become difficult; their mouths felt as dry as a desert in the midday sun. The waters of the splendid river would be a refreshing oasis at this point. Adam and Eve knelt, brought their foreheads together and closed their eyes. The footsteps of the Creator were only a few paces away.

          Adam, where are you!”

The Lord of Creation stopped and looked in their direction. They turned their heads and through the vegetation they could make out the distinct outline of a tall and powerful figure, Its body and face radiating a brilliance that made their shame even more profound. How could they possibly face It now? Once again they closed their eyes and took another empty swallow.

Why do you hide? Rise and stand before me.”

The couple slowly emerged from the bushes, leaves tugging at their skirts. Just behind the Creator they saw another familiar individual. It was Beehzul the serpent. Suddenly they realize it was he that pointed them out to the Creator and now their humiliation was complete. The unscrupulous little b*****d betrayed them and there he sat with a satisfied look on his face, clearly relishing the moment. For an instant Adam felt hatred enter his body, an emotion, that if it were allowed to run its course would have led to the destruction of that loathsome creature. Right now, there were more pressing matters and Adam knew the Creator wanted an explanation.

“My Lord, we hid ourselves because we were naked and did not want to shame you,” Adam answered timidly.

Who told you of your nakedness?”

Adam glanced over at Eve but she refused to look at him. Instead she continued to stare at the ground, ignoring her mate’s discomfort. She was not going to volunteer any information and besides, this was his idea.

“No one told us of our nakedness my Lord; it was something we both felt,” Adam answered with fallen countenance.

What has happened Adam? Did you eat of the Tree that I commanded you not to eat?”

It was finally out in the open. The question he was dreading to hear was now saddled upon him and the weight of it was too much for this now lonely man to bear.

“The woman you provided to me as helper gave me the fruit to eat and I took a small bite.”

Eve turned to Adam with a look of horror. She could hardly believe her husband’s words. Now he was betraying her to the Creator and the attention suddenly shifted over to her.

‘What a coward,’ she thought to herself.

          Why have you done this Eve? Why did you give your husband fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?”

Looking down at the ground Eve searched for an answer. She glanced over at Beehzul and quickly realized that he had as much to do with this offense as they had. It was his deception that ensnared both of them and that made him an accomplice. He would be implicated in this transgression along with them. Let’s see him weasel his way out of this predicament. He won’t be sneering much longer.

“My Lord, the serpent beguiled me and I ate of the fruit.”

‘That ought to do it’ she thought. The blame would rest squarely with that despicable serpent. The Creator would surely not hold them responsible for this lapse in judgment and may let them off with a warning.

The Creator turned to the serpent and now it is its turn to answer for its actions.

What have you to say to this accusation Beehzul?”

The serpent was not completely surprised by the human’s statements as he expected them to lay fault with him but he was still taken aback at the speed with which the trial unfolded. It was up to him to place accountability for the transgression back where it belonged. This would not be an easy task and he had to be careful.

“My Lord, the man and his wife are not worthy of stewardship over your marvelous creation and certainly not over the Garden of Eden. I felt it my duty to test them to see if they are justified of such a position. All the creatures of the garden agreed it was in our best interest to determine if these two are capable of handling the responsibility placed in them by you my Lord. I took it upon myself to be the one brave and cunning enough to successfully undertake this tremendous assignment. Perhaps fortunately or unfortunately my Lord, they have failed the test and in so doing they have failed you. It is with great regret that I must bear this news to you my Lord for I know that it will grieve you, but I would be lacking if I am not forthcoming.”

Adam and Eve knew they were in trouble. The serpent’s words struck a chord of truth and the couple realized they did not deserve to oversee the Garden of Eden. They had not measured up to the Creator’s high calling. It was the simplest exam ever conceived yet they managed to fall miserably short. Whether Beehzul’s intentions were honorable or deceitful, the fact of the matter was they had failed the test. Beehzul’s eloquent rhetoric sealed their fate and it was a matter of time before the sentencing would commence. The man looked over at his wife and they resigned themselves to the brutal reality of their impending demise. The Creator turned to face the couple only to pause for a moment. Then It turned again to the serpent and chastised him.

Beehzul, I know your intentions are not honorable. You speak of responsibility and bravery as if these are natural traits in you. The truth is you wanted them to fail your test thereby appropriating ownership of this garden. Your motivation was completely selfish. You coveted what you could not obtain, ever.”

“My Lord, please believe me, it had to be carried out!” Beehzul desperately pleaded. “I did what needed to be done, it is my purpose. How else would you know if they are worthy to be caretakers of your creation? There is no other way my Lord. Please understand, I did it for you.”

Be silent Beehzul, while I pronounce your punishment.”

The serpent lowered its head in obedience. Its fate, it seems, would come even before the human’s judgment had been pronounced. This was not what Beehzul had in mind.

You are to crawl on your belly the rest of your days. You no longer have use of your limbs as they are now cast off your body. Your speech also is removed from you and in its place you are given a forked tongue to remind you of your guile and treachery.

The punishment was commuted with frightening speed. Beehzul was reduced to a slithering snake on the dirt path while a stunned Adam and Eve observe the transformation. They braced themselves for the coming judgment. The man and his wife, overcome with a nauseas feeling in the pit of their stomach, dropped to their knees. Never had they had such a sickening sensation. It was too much to take and their legs folded beneath them. The Creator looked upon the pathetic site and suddenly had compassion on them. It was not willing for them to pay for the transgression with their lives and so provided a solution. Something else would recompense the cost of their wrongdoing. It would be harsh but sufficiently effective. The couple would partake in the effort of supplying the substitution, making them fully understand the price of their disobedience.

Adam, you and your wife are guilty of eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil of which I commanded you not to eat. I told you what the result would be. I cannot change the outcome once the rules are established. Therefore, death is certain. However, in your place I am willing to accept a suitable sacrifice. Do you understand my words?”

“Yes my Lord, I understand. What would you have me do?” Adam answered.

Go now and bring me two sheep that are grazing down below. Do it quickly.”

Immediately, they rose to their feet and ran down the dirt path in the direction the Creator pointed, their improvised skirts barely hanging on. Nearing the requisite animals they slowed their pace and approached the two sheep cautiously. Gingerly, they took hold of the bovidae by the neck and guided the two up the dirt path. Not a word was spoken by the couple to this point. They knew this assignment had to be performed just right or they would lose their chance at a reprieve. No more lapses in judgment would be tolerated.

The return trip took longer than usual for the man and his wife. The sheep stubbornly disobeyed the instructions of the couple. It was not like before when all the creatures obeyed Adam’s commands. The state of affairs had been altered dramatically and they sensed it had something to do with their indiscretion. Was there some way they could restore it to the way it was previously? Or was it all meant to be this way? It was during this time when Eve’s mind began to ponder the events that had unfolded before her eyes and of the conversation between the Lord and Beehzul. She felt obligated to say something to her husband and now was the time.

“Adam, my dear husband, please wait. I have been wondering about the words Beehzul spoke to the Lord.”

“Eve we must not delay the Lord,” said Adam. “It is giving us a second chance at life.”

“I know this Adam. That is why I must speak with you before we face the Lord, it is important.”

“Very well Eve, speak your mind.” She took a deep breath and stared into Adam’s eyes.

“All that has befallen us has opened my eyes. Perhaps it was the fruit or maybe our actions in eating the fruit, it does not matter. What is important is that we gain knowledge from this. I have learned an insightful truth from what Beehzul spoke to the Lord. He said it was his intention to test us and thereby fulfill his purpose. It seems to me that Beehzul was carrying out the work that he was created to accomplish. Do you understand my words Adam? It appears to me that it had to happen this way. It was no happenstance.”

Adam thought briefly about her statement but was hesitant to agree. It was her convincing rhetoric that put them into this quandary after all. Maybe she was correct but how was that going to change circumstances? Eve noticed Adam’s conflicted expression and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Adam, I know you are upset with me and I am sorry for the way things have turned out. Just think about my words right now. There has to be more to this. Beehzul was very cunning and it deceived us extremely well. My questions is, how did he come to get this kind of knowledge? Did the Tree provide it or was it something else?”

Adam’s eyebrows raised and he understood what his wife was trying to tell him.

“Eve, my beloved you have become very wise indeed.”

“I still wish to be your helper and companion my husband. Perhaps I can restore our relationship in a small way,” Eve remarked with eyes glistening.

“We are together now and for always. You are and always will be my companion. I love you very much my precious Eve.”

They embraced in what was the first tender moment the couple have had since their transgression. They are emboldened by their love for each other which renewed their strength. The couple was able to gather their thoughts, enabling them to form a surprising conclusion that was provoked by a unique and profound discernment of the violation.

“Eve, the serpent must have obtained knowledge from the Lord Itself. Where else can it come from? The Lord is the source of all wisdom. I now comprehend what Beehzul was saying. He is fulfilling his primary function like we are fulfilling ours. It was something he had to do because that was what he was created for. He could not help himself. My understanding of this has given me compassion for the poor creature.”

Eve then offered her insight. “Even he if tried to stop himself from testing us he would find himself unfulfilled. It is like asking the birds not to fly or the fish not to swim. He had to do his works according to his purpose. And his purpose was to test us.”

“Yes Eve and we failed the test,” Adam chimed in. “The question is, were we supposed to fail? If not, why were we made the way we were?”

The more the couple thought about it, the more questions came up. They had hit on something but it didn’t make any sense. What was going on here? The bleating sheep brought them back to reality. Their focus shifted back to the animals and their final destiny.

“Adam, it is obvious to me that these innocent animals are meant to suffer for the breaking of the Lord’s command not to eat of the Tree. The Lord does not want us to die. These animals will die instead. It is a terrible punishment for them and they are not deserving of it.”

“I understand your feelings my beloved Eve. We have failed as overseers. No doubt the Lord will banish us from this place. Beehzul was right about us.”

The couple had reached a new milestone in their existence. They lamented more over the approaching demise of the sheep rather than their own fate. They felt accountable for the animals well being, not their own. Compassion became sorrow, sorrow became regret, and regret became focused resolve.

“My darling Eve, we must take responsibility for our actions. It is the right thing to do and I believe it is what the Creator wants from us. It may yet be another test. It wants to see our choice in this matter; whether we accept blame for our disobedience and let the creatures live or we let them die for us and live with their deaths on our heads. I choose not to let their death be on my soul. Will you stand by me, my beloved?”

She did not hesitate to answer.

“I will my courageous husband, I will.”

The Creator patiently waited while the couple approached with the sheep slowly in tow behind them. They stopped a few paces from the Lord and awaited Its word.

Adam and Eve, I have given you time to think about your sin and the consequences of your decision. These two sheep will be put to death in your place. Since the life is in the blood, blood is required as a propitiation for sin. Understand?

“Yes Lord, we understand,” Adam answered.

Adam, there is a long pointed rock on the ground near the brush behind you. It has a sharp edge on one side. Bring it to me.”

Adam turned and with his right hand reached down for the dull end of the obsidian rock. As he grasped the instrument of death, he quickly realized its intended purpose. It would be used to carve open the helpless animals, gutting them and spilling their blood on the ground. The thought of it horrified the tormented man. He turned to face the Creator. Adam looked over his shoulder at his wife while holding the stone knife with both hands now close to his body. The knife felt cold to him and it sent chills through his being. Eve saw the tool and she too came to the same conclusion. The couple was wrapped up by the grief now folding over them like a cocoon. The sorrow was etched on their face as they saw the sheep looking in their direction. The stark reality of their earlier choice to eat of the Tree in order to gain knowledge would now bring about the demise of these two defenseless animals; and that realization was unacceptable to them.

My children, you are wearing unsuitable clothing which you have fashioned in shame. I will now provide you skins that are more appropriate for you. These sheep will give both their life and their clothing for you so that you will always remember the cost of disobedience.”

Adam looked over at Eve by his left side and nodded to her. The time had come for them to take responsibility. They each took a deep breath and clasped hands. They summoned what little strength they had and calmly beseeched the Lord.

“My dear Lord, with all humility, permit me to speak before we proceed,” Adam petitioned the Creator.

There was a brief stillness in the air while the Creator considered Adam’s request. It could sense the emotions of Its children and It knew what was troubling them. The violation was an event that It wanted them to recognize for all its repercussions and It was cognizant of the effect on the human psyche. The resultant sorrow and suffering from their sins would cascade throughout all human history causing untold death and destruction to every single inhabitant of the planet. Great and small, rich or poor would feel the pain of this single act of selfishness. By now they had realized the consequences of their choice and the ultimate cost to the sacrificial lambs standing before them. It could see that they had become enlightened with the knowledge of future ramifications. However, the infinite possibilities that surrounded the next few seconds clouded Its future sight. It could see the strands of future action extend forever in every direction just after this point in space-time. Everything hinged on Adam’s next words. Everything had gone according to plan up until now. It allowed Adam to make his request.

You may speak Adam.”

“I am grateful to you my Lord for allowing us this opportunity to address our situation. I speak for my wife and myself when I say we are thankful that you gave us life and placed us in such a marvelous garden filled with all manner of fruit to eat and creatures for us to look after. We failed to appreciate your gift to us and we are deeply sorry for our transgression. You gave us responsibility over your creation and we did not realize the importance of that charge. The single prohibition you placed before us was not taken seriously and we ask for your forgiveness. We allowed the serpent to deceive us into breaking your commandment. For that, we deserve death as you told us we should. We deserve it, not these unfortunate animals. They did nothing wrong to merit their fate. We cannot allow them to die in our place. We humbly ask my Lord to reconsider and spare them from this terrible predicament.”

It was a stunning confession. The humans were actually taking responsibility for their actions. The Creator was pleased with their admission of guilt as it was something that would serve them well. However, payment for sin was required and someone had to make restitution.

You both understand that the penalty requires payment in the form of a life?”

“Yes my Lord, we understand,” they answered almost simultaneously.

The Creator was now in a dilemma. It was willing to accept their offer of contriteness but that would require them to give up their lives. The Creator would rather sacrifice the lambs and allow them to live if only for an undetermined amount of time after banishment from the garden. Not having access to the Tree of Life would deprive them of the essential nutrients necessary to continue living. Without it, they would begin a slow gradual decline in health and vitality. The process would take many years but they would eventually succumb to their environment. Without reproduction, the species would disappear in short order. Of course, the Creator had foreseen this eventuality and designed a mechanism to perpetuate life. It was all carefully planned and the humans just needed to make the appropriate choices. This however was unprecedented.

          My children, if these two creatures are not sacrificed then the only alternative would be for both of you to give up your lives. Are you both certain it is what you choose?”  

The man and his wife turned to face each other and spontaneously embraced. This simple act infused them with courage and commitment. They had made their choice and with deep love for each other, turned to face their Creator to announce the words It did not want to hear.

“This is what we choose, Lord,” Adam answered.

The Creator was grieved. It did not want it to end this way but It could not force them to contravene their own volition. Its commandment was simple; violating it would result in their demise. It could not go back on Its word for to do so would unravel the universe. In the end, they understood the consequences of their actions and were willing to accept the punishment for it. The Creator had to honor their repentant nature and execute the death sentence. It would do so in the gentlest means for It felt they deserved no less. The man and his wife exemplified courage and remorse. They would surely be missed.

Very well my children, it will be done accordingly. You may release the lambs.”

Adam smiled and pointed a hand in the direction to the valley below and commands them to depart. “You two may go freely to the place where you were found.”

The couple watched as the sheep walked down the path leading down the hill where they would graze once more. He turned to the Creator and held the instrument of death up to the Lord with palms facing up and head lowered.

Adam, return the knife to the place you found it. I will not need it.”

Adam placed the crude knife on the ground, relieved it will not be used on himself and his wife. He stood next to his wife and took her hand. He looked over to see tear drops flowing down her tender cheeks and he too began to mourn their eventuality. The groans came from deep within their soul and they embraced tightly one final time, bodies trembling from uncontrolled sobbing. They know in a short while they will cease to exist. The couple lived a shortened life but what a life it was. No one had ever lived in this kind of paradise before and they thought for sure no one else would. The moment arrives and they turn to face their Maker.

My children lie down and close your eyes.”

The couple slowly knelt before the Creator, lay on their sides and rolled onto their backs, eyes closed. They reached out for each others hands and clasped a final time. The Garden of Eden grew quiet and the wind subsided as Adam and Eve breathed their last breath of life. For an indeterminable amount of time, the garden remained eerily quiet; not a single creature stirred or called out. Clouds obscured the sun momentarily as the bodies of the former overseers disintegrate into the dirt, leaving behind the only clothing they had ever worn. Finding Itself alone once again in the garden, the Creator stood watching the sun traverse its course across the afternoon sky. Hours passed away in quiet solitude, and the Creator mourned the day’s events. It was a dramatic scene to behold, the Lord of Creation grieving over the departure of its children while the world continued its journey through space and time, indifferent to the happenings unfolding beneath reddening skies. The sun finally approached the horizon when the Lord suddenly turned and walked the trail leading around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

After circling the Tree for the third time, the Creator stopped and picked a handful of dirt from the ground. It packed the dirt and stones into the appropriate places, two polished orbs for the eyes, a scoop of water for the blood, finally a beautiful serpent stood before the Creator on four perfectly sculpted legs. A soft breath escaped the Creator’s lips and filled the sculpture with life. The serpent stretched its body as it adjusts to its first moments of existence. The Creator plucked a familiar memory from a distant creature, now slithering up a tree, and planted it into the mind of this new creation.

Beehzul, you have served me well. I will need your service once more.”

“Yes my Lord, you need only ask me and I will follow your word.”

I truly miss the humans and my desire is to make more. I sense you have something to say concerning this.”

“My Lord, if you permit me, I have an idea.”

Speak freely Beehzul.”

“Master, before proceeding with your plan, may I suggest you withhold fully imbuing the subsequent humans with complete intelligence and compassion. I believe you designed them with excessive empathy and understanding, my Lord. Why not see what occurs when you minimize some of your divine nature in them?”

Your suggestion has merit.  I will consider your idea before proceeding. My purpose for you now is to test the new humans to see if they are worthy. You are free to use all your faculties to implement the exam but as before, you are not allowed to harm them. When the hour is right, I will send you out. Go now into the garden and prepare yourself, for tomorrow we start anew.

“It will be done according to your word, my Lord.”

Let us see what story my new children will write for us.”

As the setting sun sank below the horizon, darkness engulfed the garden and the two figures departed from each other, thus ending this chapter in the saga of the Garden of Eden. Tomorrow opens a new chapter with new characters ill prepared for what awaits them.

© 2012 Robert Ulysses Wright

Author's Note

Robert Ulysses Wright
This is a new and alternate take on a classic story, nothing more. I don't have a religious axe to grind, so despite what your religious beliefs may be, I would appreciate literary criticism only. Thank you.

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Featured Review

This was beautifully done. I enjoyed every line... The descriptive language in this was phenomenal! Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

"The Lord is truly wonderful he thought to himself."
You may want to italicize "The Lord is truly wonderful" and add a comma after wonderful. Other than that, great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


And so the first example of passing on the blame was born...Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the snake and the snake didn't have a leg to stand on. (laughing) This was wonderfully written. In the original story God removes the tree of life "lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live forever"...I have often wondered what might have happened if man had eaten first of the tree of life or immediately after. But then, there would not be a moral in the story and death would be unexplained as the natural course of life. I must say I found your version vastly more entertaining than the original! I smiled at the author's note as well. This phrase, "a religious axe to grind" I found particularly amusing. It seems to me that is a blade whetted all too often for our brother's destruction. 100% from me on an excellent story beautifully written!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This was so beautifully written. Almost flawless.
The imagery in this piece is extravagant and that imparted a great "poetic" touch in this piece, which is very hard to find in any form like this.
The plot of this story was also very interesting to me, the way you turned a classic tale and gave your own impression in it is very commendable.
The piece had my attention right from when I started reading it and it continued my sole attention until the last line. You have concluded the piece very well, I specially liked the closing section a lot.
Though I believe that the two or three paragraphs after when God said “Go now and bring me two sheep that are grazing down below. Do it quickly.” could have been better written.
But overall, a great piece and I really enjoyed reading it :)
Thanks for sharing it with us!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This was beautifully done. I enjoyed every line... The descriptive language in this was phenomenal! Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

"The Lord is truly wonderful he thought to himself."
You may want to italicize "The Lord is truly wonderful" and add a comma after wonderful. Other than that, great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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