I scream

I scream

A Poem by robing123456

Lying in the sun
on a scorching summer day,
children start to run
to the ice-cream man, hooray.

they just can't eat it fast enough,
ice cream dripping down their hands,
covers them all in sticky stuff 
before it falls onto the sand.

The ice cream man walks past
and looks me in the eye.
he says that ice cream never lasts 
and he wishes me goodbye.

At that moment i sat up,
to find myself in bed,
I sipped some water from the cup.
It was all just in my head.

I lay there for a while
and a strange noise I could here,
it was at least a country mile,
but i could hear it loud and clear.

It was an ice cream van, no doubt.
It was playing its awful beat,
but its too early for him to tout
for the business off the street.

I had to have a peek,
it was really just to weird.
It made my knees go weak,
when i saw it, i just leered.

The children, they came running,
passing through the walls.
this sight was just so stunning,
they were answering his calls.

Atop the van a giant cone,
but no ice cream was inside,
they climbed right in and they were gone,
leaving on their final ride.

The ice cream man, i recognized
from the dream i had that night
and then he suddenly realized
me standing in the light.

Immediately I leap away 
from the window of my room
i grab a bat to keep him at bay
yes he will meet his doom.

Just a knock from the stranger
at the window of my quarters
and i knew i was in danger,
it was I who faced the slaughter.

"You cant come in, leave right now"
I screamed out to the freak.
"Oh please, let us not have a row"
he requested with a shriek

"Theres plenty room for a guy like you
in the cone atop my van,
so come and play, don't be so blue,
its all part of the plan."

"I saw you not three hours back
and i knew i'd have your soul
and a thousand more is all i lack
so i can pay my toll."

"You see once i made a deal,
but it didn't go so well,
so a thousand souls i must steal
to keep me out of hell."

"There are thousands more on this street,
go help yourself to those.
That would hardly be a feat."
"but i already chose"

"Now come along my brother,
I dont have long to fill my quota
and I cannot simply take another
to the cone above my motor."

He panics "come along now
the sun's about to rise.
I must fulfill my vow
or meet a slow demise."

I shouted "theres no way
I will join you on your trip.
I have other plans today,
I will give this ride a skip."

Now he couldnt win, nope
I could see it getting lighter
but he did not lose all hope,
Yes he was a real fighter.

He grabbed hold of the burglar bars
and he bent then with his hand.
He said "Under the light of stars, 
ill take you from this land."

I grabbed the bat i held before,
it was my only chance.
"Your fighting spirit i adore
now come my friend, lets dance"

I swung with all my might,
I hit him on the head,
but i'm the one who got a fright 
when i saw he wasn't dead.

He snatched the bat from grip,
"I'd love to hang around and play,
but we have ourselves a little trip
and we leave before its day."

He gripped me by the wrists,
but I knew that I was fine
because through the morning mist
the sun began to shine.

I felt my wrist slip from his clutch
as he began to waste away.
I felt the last of his sticky touch
"f**k you" I heard him say.

I watched him quickly melt,
reduced to just a pool, 
from his toes up to his pelt
no more frosty ghoul.

Then I walked up to his ride
and i poured myself a cup.
"Heres to all of those who died,
to you guys, bottoms up."

I ate some more, yes it was great,
I think I'm addicted
with this new taste inside my mind
forever i'm  afflicted.

Now i drive the van at night,
collecting every soul
to make my sugary delight,
to pour into my bowl.

© 2013 robing123456

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Awesome story, had me hooked till the end!

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

thank you. i wrote it in one go so got a bit tired towards the end. i thought you might be bored hal.. read more

11 Years Ago

No not at all, I had to know how it was going to end! :)

11 Years Ago

well, thanks a lot

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1 Review
Added on March 12, 2013
Last Updated on March 12, 2013
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just looking for attention more..