Who's Got Trouble?

Who's Got Trouble?

A Poem by Robert Ronnow

I’ve never put a candidate’s bumper sticker on my car before--
why not take sides--"what are you waiting for?
Death puts a stop to daily low intensity warfare but in the meantime--
      fight on!
What are we fighting for? Let’s see--
clean air and water and room to walk around in cities and deserts
America the seeing eye dog not America the junkyard dog--
collective deliberation among nations, clear passage through seas and
compact and contiguous Congressional districts that represent actual
education and health care for everyone who wants it--worldwide
good food too, affordable shelter and a living wage
a say in governance--local and global--free from fear of violence

Should you be subsumed by a cause bigger than the self?
unlike Rick in Casablanca who keeps to himself
I’m advertising my loyalties with bumper stickers on rickshaw and kayak
every time I come and go
it’s a free country--or maybe I’m so low profile no one notices or
      cares to take revenge
so small time I have time and no enemies or friends
What about Whitman and his love for Lincoln
he found a way to participate in the war that satisfied his muse, as a
oh, I want to add space exploration and no nuclear war
plus basic science and ancient arts, black lives matter

Here are some things you have to put up with or out of mind
while enjoying the beautiful black and white photography and rousing
that Sam, played by Dooley Wilson in worshipful subservience to “Mr.
      Rick,” endures his lonely abnegation and abstinence in Paris while
      Rick savors the nordically white, luscious Ilsa;
that Ilsa, on the lam across the wide world from pursuing Nazis, is
      apparently transporting an extensive, elegant, perfectly manicured
that Rick, in wartime Casablanca, has managed to hire a full 20-piece  
      jazz orchestra for which we willingly suspend disbelief since it’s   
      essential for singing the Marseillaise which never fails to bring tears
      of pride to Yvonne’s eyes;
I guess that’s about it except why would you spend a minute in Sydney
      Greenstreet’s fly-infested café when Rick’s air-conditioned
      establishment is right across the street, an overnice contrast to
      Maghreb culture;
otherwise, I’m in complete accord with IMDb’s 8.5 rating.

On the news last night the president changed the trajectory of a  
      category 4 hurricane. He can’t do that! Not my president! They’re  
      laughing at us!
Who’s got trouble? We've got trouble. How much trouble? Too much  
After Casablanca, it's headed for South Carolina.

© 2021 Robert Ronnow

Author's Note

Robert Ronnow
--Jerome, M.K. and Scholl, Jack, “Knock on Wood”, as performed by Dooley Wilson in the film Casablanca, 1942.

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Added on January 4, 2021
Last Updated on January 4, 2021
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