Be happy

Be happy

A Poem by poetry-kiddo alienbaba

A secret that you once knew...

I am happy...I am always happy...why don't you be happy too? Just as you were meant to be?...

Words of hatred uttered unjustly from/by a human mouth can cause permanent damage to the spirit of the target and more so to the health and peace of mind of the incited person. They hurt more and leave lasting negative imprints on the psyche and self-respect of a person. Words spoken in anger are more dangerous than lethal blows in fair disciplined martial-combat or in an unfair treacherous street-domestic fight. But what is worse than abusive sonic-blasts from angry mouths is the silent simmering 'about to explode' angry-hum of the angry mind. It does the world no good at all. I get upset for the silliest of reasons and try to make irrational connections to find explanations that I would have done better without! But luckily for me...the need to go into retrospection mode resets my mental agony and a day like yesterday and today seamlessly merge after I accept the rain-storm as a wonderful blessing and the warm sunshine in its aftermath as a precious gift and am thankful for it. There are times when I feel like going to Palestine and end the war once and for all....and i
don't even know how I'll do it and what I'll do there...sometimes I feel like climbing up the pyramid of Giza and calling them down to resolve the matter; end the illusion once and for all...but yet I don't know what holds me back. Sometimes I feel like taking a giant eraser and rubbing out the man-made border-lines and Locs just the way as they were at the beginning of this Aeon. At times I try to look into your eyes and probe the deepest recesses of the Labyrinth of your mind and try to know what you really want and what it is that you do not possess yet. Because in nothingness you have been given everything and there is no burden of holding-onto and no desire of anything else...when fulfillment lies in the happy state of peace of mind. If only you find it there....where it always is. Anger will only spoil the experience that you have paid for...with a lifetime...this expensive Galactic movie...produced, directed, shot- and lived-out exclusively for you. And maybe for me...though I hardly know how to act...and I Act natural when facing a storm in my face and a volcano in my brain. So i tell the storm..don't subside instantly...but slowly die out on me..and i coerce the volcano to be dormant and not go extinct right away...because time is the biggest healer and your soul's dealer. And then I will look you in the eye again and you shall know I have always known you...ever-forgiving ever-patient ever-loving ever-kind ever-happy ever serene ever-understanding but never unkind! How could you and I be....when we are made of the same dust from the same star...and though that star may have imploded upon itself ...into the form of a bright but dying will never take away our nature...our identity and of the truth of who we really are....unconditionally loving I vow to myself and to you my people...nothing will ever let me down and I will never let you down...and whatever seems to be letting you down...resolving it is my responsibility. And in the crumbling dust of a planet-shattering earthquake, in the washed-out shores of devastating tsunamis, in the twisted mangled branches of a tree in a hurricane, in the asteroid-hit depths of your bruised ego, in the war-torn aura of your sacred land, in the droplet of teary-dewdrops on every leafy shall see me and my spirit always there for least giving you courage and strength from the tragedy from the loss from the unbelief from the wrong...through the strains of a song I could light up your life as you once lit-up mine...

© 2021 poetry-kiddo alienbaba

Author's Note

poetry-kiddo alienbaba
Do write in what you feel please? Thank you abundantly!

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Added on August 30, 2021
Last Updated on August 30, 2021
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poetry-kiddo alienbaba
poetry-kiddo alienbaba

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