Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

A Poem by Surrealstorm

 Crisp blue waters stare back at me with startling brilliance

They seem to be calling my name, a haunting spectral voice

A sound that makes gooseflesh rise on my skin

and a quake ripple through my soul


The trees surrounding the lake swayed,

Dancing in a primal dance of love and lust

As I stare into the forest I sense the nymphs as they

Dance around a lyre-playing satyr

And the faeries as they called to their prey


My guardian angel tightens his grip on my hand

laughing joyously as if the magic is amusing

he stares into my eyes and I taste his warmth

on my tongue, an intoxicating spice that travels

from my head to my toes


Peach fuzz covers his angular jaw

and his woodland eyes seems at home

with his pale skin

his work roughened hands skim

my cheek and I sigh in satisfaction

He pulls me tight to him and we walk towards the woods

away from the cool water and delectable breeze

I see a white light ahead of us

a will o wisp leading us towards home

a beautiful ight that can only be bested in brilliance 

by the man standing beside me


Dedicated to my guardian angel who has

shown me the beauty in life and helped me breathe again.

© 2009 Surrealstorm

Author's Note

Another poem from when I had first met my husband.

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With this poem.... I have read your soul...simple and brilliant
I wonder why do we choose all those words to write our hearts with one stroke.
Love it.. just Love it..

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on July 16, 2009
Last Updated on August 28, 2009



Fredericksburg, VA

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