Notice me

Notice me

A Story by Surrealstorm

This is a story clip that i just started writing one day.


 He had never noticed me before, but that didn’t mean I stopped hoping he would.


I sat down, slowly slipping into the seat so that my panties wouldn’t show. I’d never worn a skirt this small before and I found that there were many things that you couldn’t do when wearing something so small. Part of me wishes I had never worn it, instead opting for the cut off jeans that I had stared at longingly that morning. But we all had to make sacrifices, mine was with hope that finally he would lift his head up from his book and see me.


            I sighed as I pulled my binder out of my backpack. It was neatly organized; all my classes with their own separate tabs. I opened to English lit and grabbed my homework that had been assigned the night before. It was typed up, exactly 500 words long as the professor had required. I flattened it on my desk and waited.


The professor was a stuffy woman, who always arrived right on time. Never a minute before or a minute after. At least that was the way that it had been up until then. She would lay down her briefcase, pull out the textbook and proceed to lecture us for an hour in a deep monotonous voice. Her eyes rarely lifted from the text and when they did it was only to close the book, stick it back in her bag and walk out the door. Often, I would take out my laptop and play videogames while pretending to take notes. But today it seemed that I wouldn’t need to.


The professor’s aid came and stood in front of the class, her back straight, hands clasped tightly in front. She cleared her voice, not that she would need to. Most of the class was already quiet, having resigned themselves to an hour of boredom. She spoke clearly but it took a few minutes before it registered.


“Class is cancelled today. I’ll take your homework”


There was silence for a second then the class seemed to wake up from their daze and the cheering began. People packed their bags quickly, shoving their papers into the aids hand as they practically ran out of the door. I took my time, not wanting to flash anyone while I put my stuff into my backpack. Also, he was still there, his head down as his eyes scanned the pages of his book. He seemed not to have even heard the aid’s pronouncement. I zipped my bag wondering whether to tell him class was over, when he smiled. I felt butterflies in my stomach. It was silly. He wasn’t even smiling at me, his head was still down his eyes still scanning. But it warmed me and I spoke before I’d even realized what to say.


“Is it a good book?” My voice was soft and at first I thought he didn’t hear me. Then he turned his head and I felt the impact of his full attention for the first time.


“It is. “ He looked around, as if he had forgotten where he was. “Is the class over already?”


“Yeah. It was cancelled.” I smiled, knowing that my cheeks were red just from talking to him. He smiled back at me and I felt my heart stutter from the shock of it. He was far more beautiful when he smiled, especially when it was at me.


“Cool. My name is Alex.”


“I’m Jenny.” I said softly.  


 “Well, Jenny. Maybe we can get together some time. As you can tell I haven’t been paying a lot of attention in class lately.” He lifted the book he had been reading and I noticed it was a book of poetry. He smiled again but it was a sheepish smile. A lock of his dark hair fell into his eyes and he quickly brushed it back. I loved how long it was and wondered if it was as soft as it looked.



“Yeah, sure.  My last class ends at five tomorrow, so how about five thirty?” I nibbled my bottom lip nervously. I hoped I hadn’t sounded pushy.


“Five thirty is great. I’ll meet you at the fountain in front of the campus.”


He grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder as he stood up. I realized that he was even taller than I thought. Not that I thought he was short by any means, but with him standing he looked even taller.


“Okay. I guess I’ll see you then.”


He smiled at me one last time before he turned and left.  I felt as if my heart was going to burst and once he left the room I couldn’t help but jump up and do a little dance. I barely restrained myself from the loud YES that I wanted to shout to the world. I was going on a date with Alex, the most handsome man I had even met. I needed to go shopping. I grabbed my backpack and left the room, my mind already thinking about tomorrow.




© 2009 Surrealstorm

Author's Note

Please disregard any grammar issues you may see. it's a little rough, but i hope you enjoy it :)

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This was a great read! It brough back many nostalgic feelings for me, as it reminds me of my own story There was a guy I had a MAD crush in high school and ended up dating him later... don't you just love the thrill of the catch? Very well written!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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