To overcome is to succeed

To overcome is to succeed

A Poem by Strike the Wolf

Fo a frien o mine who's been gettin her emotions an safety screwed with(I.e. Death threats)

So what if they hate you, you feel their jeers and taunts as all sorts of accusations echo around you burying you in misery. If only they knew the insecurity this brings you to constant fear for yourself and your safety, maybe just maybe if they could know they could understand, but they don't an ld probably never will, these are the times when you find out who really are your friends, and who only stay with you till the going gets tough. But yes admist all the threats, jeers, and accusations there is one thing you can do, OVERCOME it! Rise above all of this to greet the new day no matter what it holds, take it day by day minute by minute, overcome each part and never look back. Yes there will be pain, fear, hate, mistrust, and despair but OVERCOME it.

For to OVERCOME it is to conquer it, and conquering your fears, pain, and everything else no matter how big or small is an accomplishment in itself. Overcome it and conquer those who have done this never let it get to you, the only thing you can do is overcome and don reflect too much in the pain an fear this has caused you, but on the comfort and supper of your true friends in your greatest time of neednreflect on the joy and gratefulness for having he friends not the sadness and fear of the negative always learn to OVERCOME it!

© 2011 Strike the Wolf

Author's Note

Strike the Wolf
Sorry bout the grammar/spelling updating from my iPhone! An if this person happens ta
be readin this hope ya know ya do have friends that are behind ya 100%

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love it Stike and sorry i havent read any of ur work in a while

Posted 8 Years Ago

Yo luc thanks fo the revIew!

Posted 9 Years Ago

If she read this, I know she would appreciate it. This is very true, and doesn't just apply to situations like this. We just have to be there for her. Good write :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 20, 2011
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Strike the Wolf
Strike the Wolf

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