And If She Loves Me

And If She Loves Me

A Poem by sawreese

After a year I decided to write another poem.


And If She Loves Me

Sitting, on a cold wooden chair

Wondering, amidst the vastness of the night

If, in all frankness, it matters

If I live or die, sink, or try to swim

Kicking desperately, I've decided

While racing upstream, to her window first

I wait, and listen for that one word

And with a drafty yes, loneliness fades

Watching the game this afternoon

He ran, good Lord how he ran

The scoreboard streaked, a name replaced

And so, a legacy fades

Joined a man and a widow tonight

Eyes sparkled, lips met, and the crowd rejoiced

One ring, took the place of another

And thus, love is made, and love fades away

The last survivor, died this morning

Of a train wreck, perhaps a fire

no one seems to be able to say

And unknown to us, memory fades

Three sons, poisoned by their uncle

The news said, over the fortune most likely

Money does some horrid things

And, with no heirs, the last of the bloodline fades

My body grows tired

I guess now it's about time to stop

Time to put my feet down

And find whether it's been worth the trek

Will I finally find meaning firm beneath

Or, was it all pointless

Can we never find such worth in human life

And will I now sink below

My feet, they drop like stones under the crests

Taking out all that fades, I look within my own soul

What I see, or what I don't, frightens me

And I regress the image, to a memory

She loves me, she loves me not

Each time something fades, something I know to be fleeting

When I'm done, there will be one

And that is what she loves, or maybe what she doesn't

It's what makes me, me, I think as I stand

All I've done is take

My greed still remains, what I've took is gone

And through her, I live

© 2010 sawreese

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Added on September 15, 2010
Last Updated on September 15, 2010



Alpharetta, GA

I like writing... I generally sleep, eat, and sleep when I get tired of the other two. more..

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