hello ladys

hello ladys

A Poem by poetical#1

an odd poem with an pecuiluar humor

hello ladys an gentle men
this is your host of the 
exstatic gamer show where
you can win fabulous prizes
such as my wife dorothy
an my kids mikey johny
lucy an brad
no im just kidding i only 
have one kid an she hates 
me a x wife that despizes 
my very existance and a 
god who loves me dearly
but we will be giving away 
ablouloutely nothing to day
heres how you can get it
play any game of your choosing
an when your finished brush your teeth 
an go to bed dont forget to pray 
an when you wake up absouloutly 
nothing will arive @ your door from
your favorite gamer the exstatic gamer
it will provide endless ammounts of 
nothing for your boredom pleasure 
so if youd ever actually like to receive something 
then donate a dollar an tell others about it an 
sooner or later some lucky kid will win 
my favorite xbox and games along with video game 
recorder an five of the most popular games out 
a snow ball microphone and the latest video editing
software so get to it an dont for get game it or leave 
it alone!

© 2013 poetical#1

Author's Note

my writing is fluid all things transcend my writing

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orlando, FL

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