The Poles of "I don't know"

The Poles of "I don't know"

A Poem by Shelly Bell

Dancing naked is only for stages

Private arrangements

And notebook pages

But sometimes I feel like a stripper


Like life is saying strip her.

An intoxicated mind

Eases the pain of crucifixion

While the hands of struggle carry me to suicide

Or make it rain.


The need for dollar bills

Uncover my desperation for survival

The United States is just one big natural disaster.


We Strings

Strumming and stripping

Dollar bills falling everywhere


The poor look down on the middle class

While the rich look back and laugh

Bc somehow they know with a clear view

Of the past you can bring it back to life.


In a democracy there is no such thing as right

Only the right to vote

those who do the right thing often get the right results

but it’s like choosing which hand you want to use to choke

I swing on poles of “I don’t knows”

Hoping positive platforms keep me on my toes.


Praying the next big spender will walk through the door

Take his seat in the oval office

Discuss my worth over khalua and coffee.

Meanwhile I must continue to dance

Our relation to socioeconomics is like a dramatic romance

Lure you in, step inside, turn you out, plant the doubt

You’re intuition can’t be proven

Promises of good behavior is soothing

Plus there is no real evidence of wrong doing


But Mr. President didn’t I give you the best head

Let you have the best of my head

can my intelligence possibly be more relevant than your negligence

If a mind is a terrible thing to waste

Then how does it taste when you licked my consciousness clean from the plate.


That American pie

Look me in the face and tell me a sweet lie

Bc it will keep me dancing.

I gather the strength to climb to the top

Of these I don’t know poles

Let my hands go

Use my thighs to control

The swing of my head

Back and forth


Trying to lose consciousness

Trying to ignore the fact that

The elephant in the room

Has a left and a right wing

Just keep swaying your hips America

Don’t listen to those silly things.

We gone have to resurrect MLK

Just for somebody to have a dream


Or is it just time to wake up

By the time we figure it out

I will have become a pro at

Swinging from the poles of “I don’t know”


Copyright 2010 Shelly Bell

© 2010 Shelly Bell

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Added on March 10, 2010
Last Updated on March 10, 2010


Shelly Bell
Shelly Bell

Alexandria, VA

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A Poem by Shelly Bell