The Psalm of Seasons

The Psalm of Seasons

A Book by Shiloh Black

One night, a stranger stumbles into the fold of a shepherd-bard. With him, he brings a story that spans the far reaches of the world -- and has the power to alter its future.


© 2012 Shiloh Black

Author's Note

Shiloh Black
I have finished the first draft, and I will post chapters here as they are edited. I'd love to receive some critique on this, because I'm not sure if I want to continue with this project or not. All artwork contained within is my own. I may add new artwork later when I find the time. Note that some artwork contains tribal nudity (think National Geographic) or violence.

Ravaged by fire and ice, the old world has passed away and the new world has fallen under the dominion of Sol, the goddess of sun and summer, and Luna, the god of moon and winter.
To the south, a child of northern descent is brought to the steps of a Sun Temple, where he is taken into the care of Sol’s cult. Set apart from the other children by a peculiar deformity, the boy grows into an embittered young man named Dark. When one of Sol’s nuns betrays him, Dark is kidnapped by a group of traveling performers from the North. The troop spirits him off to Ambitus, a city surrounded by a great glass dome in the no-man’s land between Sol and Luna’s domains.
Though he struggles at first, Dark eventually becomes enchanted with life as an entertainer. In Ambitus he learns to play the guitar, becomes entangled in a struggle between the city’s warring political factions, falls in love with a spirited fire-dancer, and eventually becomes the target of a deranged manhunter.
Meanwhile, questions of his past begin to haunt Dark. A ring, given to Sol’s temple upon his arrival there, is the only clue to his origins. As the pieces slowly come together, Dark realizes the truth of his origins may not only change his destiny, but that of the world around him.
Told by the enigmatic figure of the Bard, The Psalm of Seasons is an epic blend of traditional fantasy and post-apocalyptic science fiction which delves deep into the intersection between history and myth.

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Shiloh Black
Shiloh Black

Saint John, Canada

I presently reside in Atlantic Canada. My interests, aside from writing include drawing, reading, and indulging in my love of all things British. I'm currently attending the University of Dalhousie, w.. more..