Is God Residing in a Temple?

Is God Residing in a Temple?

A Story by Siddharth

God is ubiquitous and we shall seek to amalgamate various ways to merge with the eternal soul so that we can attain nirvana from ourselves.

Is it really true that the Almighty resides in a Temple? There can be a plethora of people who may share a similar notion with others or they may prefer a contrary statement that says, “God does not reside in a Temple, Mosque or Church but in our hearts.” If we throw some light on the Lord in terms of which is the most sacred place he would like to dwell in, many can hold diverse perceptions with respect to where does God live. We firmly believe that deep down inside us or any individual that is an Atheist; the Lord has taken over our soul so that he can mend his gracious ways in us to make us true followers and help others walking on a righteous trail of good. Now, the question arises here “Why do we have different statues of God in a Temple, for instance, when we believe in the fact that the Almighty is one? Every religion has its own specific ways to worship their respective Gods. Of course, it’s a cliché but there’s no absolutely no denying of the fact that this cliché justly helps us merging with the “Holy Soul”.

The Lord is a creator of the massive Universe under which we are taking a shelter and under his revered shadow, we tend to shower on ourselves the 7 deadly sins which we are not entitled to. There have been several anecdotes in the past pertaining to the existence of God or shall we say, the stories that make us think whether God really existed or not. Nobody has ever taken a glimpse of God but had felt in their prayers and when they worshipped their Holy Soul, they sought nothing but to amalgamate with the soul that would take them on a path of spirituality.

I have had a close encounter with so many non-believers of God who fondly used to call themselves “agnostic”. They never paid a visit to the home of God laid in the sweet memory of the Holy Spirit because of the reason that they firmly emphasized on the point that God never existed. They used to follow the path of Blasphemy that was laid by the Satan. I am not stating here they worshipped the Devil to execute their bad deeds or cruel ways, but they simply were not aware of the fact that when the Almighty was on edge of creating this gigantic Universe, little did he know that one of his most wonderful creations, who he gladly gave a name “Homo Sapiens”, would become so much self-centered one fine day that would tear them apart and as a result of which, they would suffer the repercussions of their scuffles with one another?

© 2012 Siddharth

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Added on September 13, 2012
Last Updated on September 13, 2012
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