Diamond Heart

Diamond Heart

A Story by Mirai

        Throughout my life, I had seen some questionable things out of the corner of my eye--a white mouse skittering along the kitchen floor, shadows strolling past the window that separates the living room from the front porch, and so on. I had even heard the mouse squeak, almost as if it was seeking to be noticed; and the steps that figure outside made as it strode along the painted wooden planks of my porch, I could hear it all.
        And I, all too well, remember hearing the hushed venomous words I never thought I'd hear slip from between my closest friend's lips as I tiptoed past her bedroom door in the middle of the night to find my boyfriend, for he vanished from our shared spot on the couch while I dozed off. "Forget about her, I'm better. Focus on me." I could hear the smile in her voice, then a low, sensual groan. 
        That was all it took to send me scrambling for the door, in a hurry to escape the wretched, inevitable pain of heartbreak and betrayal. I didn't know where I was going after sprinting out the back door, over the white picket fence, into the neighbor's open field that wrapped around the back of a couple houses, and through the woods just outside of town. I eventually heard the sound of waves as they rolled up and threw themselves against the rocks of what looked like Storm Bay. My racing feet and heartbeat led me to the concrete peer, the whole of its body stretched out over large boulders and a narrow line of sand. Teary eyes soaked in the beautiful night sky I always loved to see, with the Milky Way making its subtle presence known alongside the rest of the stars sprinkled across the vast dark blue, almost black canvas. 
        Except, right then, I had never felt so far away from the stars, and from the sky--especially when that familiar sound of footsteps rushed up to me, and a force shoved me over the iron bars at the end of the peer where I previously stood. The deep sense of sadness I felt before dissipated, only to be replaced by an overwhelming sense of shock, fear, and adrenaline. I barely made it past the large boulders, body having crashed into the deep water just beyond the narrow stretch of sand instead. The impact drove out all consciousness lingering in my mind; I was left to sink into the depths of the dark water, stars no longer in sight.
        As my eyes had closed and my ears picked up the sounds of the water below the surface, I heard the voice of a man say, "Kyra, what has happened to you? You've become a poor, broken little soul. Don't worry, your old friend will help fix you. You'll have a change of heart in no time..."

© 2018 Mirai

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Added on December 6, 2018
Last Updated on December 7, 2018
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Mirai (formerly known as Sindere) is an aspiring writer/physical therapist. Loves writing original fictions (mostly short stories), essays, fanfictions, etc. Please stay safe and wash your hands e.. more..