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A Story by Steve L.

Delving into the mind, heart, and beyond...


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The frontal, occipital, parietal, and temporal lobe…all encompass the most magical, mysterious, and powerful organ in human history. No one can profess to know what actually transpires in the brain. Theories abound, medical tests have been conducted, but there are dark parts of the brain that lurk amongst the discovered…


The frontal lobe, our special forces lobe…conscious thought…miracles and atrocities have developed and spawned from this ivory tower…The other lobes…generate our senses…our survival at the most primal level…

Our thoughts and actions can physiologically change the structures and neural pathways within our minds…that is mind blowing…The brain automatically performs thousands of functions per second that we are not even cognizant of…The brain will go along with a vicious downward spiral of depression unless we intervene. But who intervenes?

Our brain controls everything, and as previously mentioned, a lot of it is at the subconscious level.  So, who is in control? Our brain or our conscious thought? Are they one in the same? We share a symbiotic relationship with our brain. However, the relationship can also be classified as double-edged. The brain can and will run the show unless we direct our thoughts to amend, edit, increase, or decrease some type of brain activity. Neurotransmitters can run amok. Serotonin can flood the market, creating depression. OCD can create a serious snowball effect. Eating disorders are diabolical. Why can’t we take a step back and realize that things have gone awry. The brain: Friend or enemy…Fungible or rigid…Addict or Lighthouse…

Millions of neurons are working diligently…each has some type of job to perform…however, if one misfires, it could create a ripple effect…an event this small can develop to proportions large enough to affect our everyday lives…But is it too late to “fix” the neuron? It is not too late. This is where neuroplasticity and cognitive therapy come into play.

We control our brains. They do not control us. They assist us with a multitude of things that cannot be dealt with on a conscious level. However, thoughts, emotions, action, CAN be controlled by us. They need to be controlled by us.

Is the current version of our vehicles the last step in the evolutionary process? If not, what will change? Our anatomy? Our brain? Have we utilized the full potential of the mysterious presence residing inside our skull?

What am I going to eat for breakfast? What am I going to wear today? Who am I? Why do I exist? Where am I in the big play in which the main attraction is the inconsequential f*****g history of the known and unknown universe? When is “Mob Wives” on?


Within our brain is there another level to be reached? Have we exhausted our neurological potential? I firmly believe that there is a vast world of undiscovered and uncharted brain functioning that has not yet been tapped into. Are there different entities walking among us? Can we tap into other’s minds? Can we converse telepathically? So, what is our true potential? Will it ever be realized?


We cannot exist on this planet while on cognitive autopilot. Embrace the present moment. Do not travel through your journey called life only contemplating the past and future. They are not within the parameters of your imminent domain. Your mind should not be a wild mustang galloping across the plains. Control it!

Are there adjacent realms and dimensions where other beings exist? Maybe one day we can traverse into the ether, travel to far off places, even if that place is exactly where you are standing, but maybe in a different time or dimension. Just imagine what we do not know about the universe. About our planet… About us…

What is wind? Where does it originate?


The heart...a muscle that pumps life into our bodies from the moment we are created until the moment when the lights dim and go out. Awareness tells of an aorta, arteries, ventricles, a vena cava, and an atrium. On the opposite may exist a paradigm not of human muscle and tissue, but of an enlightened mode of being.


When someone states that they have a “broken heart”, it is not in a literal sense. So, does the true nature of the heart reside in that mysterious, magical, and fickle organ? Or is it transcendent beyond our realm of comprehension? Are both the heart and brain merely a superficial life preserver? Hiding and protecting us from the real...the true...are we not programmed for this? Can we not handle it? Or are we just not there yet? Maybe in a few thousand years...a human being can travel throughout vast depths and corners of the universe...can step between dimensions to gather thought and education.


Am I here? What is time? Can we truly explain life? Does one action create a myriad of reactions and consequences that can ripple throughout existence? Are there a finite number of possibilities and outcomes? Are they limitless? Can we change these or are we destined for certain phenomena?


Can one firing of a neuron change the course of history? Yes. This microscopic action can become an idea...which can become an obsession...which can be communicated to the masses...which can permeate all humanity...


Feeling...emotion...love...passion...eternal paradox...wars have been waged over these...empires have fallen...


A unique and unexplainable connection to another is visceral...invigorating...maddening...can we control this or are we meant to come into another’s plane of travel?


Time can stand still...An immense lighting storm can overtake all rational thought.


Is marriage the apex? Are there soul mates? I believe that there can potentially be many soul mates that come in and out of your life timeline. All become part of you for a reason...Do you attract them or do they attract you?


Intercourse...the ultimate link...a million emotions can manifest themselves through this simple but infinitely complicated act.


Are our soul connecting and joining? Are our subconscious minds f*****g? Untold and undiscovered secrets wait to be discovered...


There are two souls that have yet to come into being in our space/time continuum....Time, randomness, possibility, indefinable magnets...will spark a dormant enclave in the mind...The Adam and Eve of the transcendence of the mind and body…


Questions will be recalibrated…possibilities infinite…time may fold onto itself…randomness may become extinct…your mind will spread its massive wings to its full potential…and fly off into the vast unknown.

© 2014 Steve L.

Author's Note

Steve L.
Sorry that it is so long-winded...

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Enjoyed the monologue format and the way youve analyzed both the heart and mind from a physical and metaphorical sense. definitely given some good ideas to work with ... although not as prolific as you!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Steve L.

6 Years Ago

Thank you! :)

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