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A Story by Sathish Kuttan

Teen girls from d/f parts of United States go missing. Jason ,Head Detective of ORganised Crimes FBI finds a connection b/w the random kidnapping The race becomes international and more dangerous.



"Woman's mind is cleaner than man’s:- She changes it often"

20th march 2012

Melissa was sitting by the open window, staring at the world plunged in darkness. The stars in the skies played jingle with one another. It was the time when Gods rested and the demons ruled the world. Nippy wind caressed Melissa’s face, played with her bouncy hair and grasped her long arms. She was in Max’s apartment, where they made love a few hours back. She lost her husband in a fatal car crash 5 years ago. Since then she sealed herself from the outer world, hardly spoke with anyone.  It was then she met Max who changed her and the way she perceived her life. Though she had some gut feelings about Max she never gave any thought to it. Things happened so quickly that she had no time to relish on the memories. Now sitting in his apartment wearing a Choco brown nightie she was relishing on the memoires. Max was in the washroom bathing, humming one of his favorite song.

 IT was then Melissa’s phone rang. IT was her close friend Mary , who  is the  chief editor of the New York Times. She picked her IPhone 6s from the desk near the window and answered the call.

The voice on the other end was petrified. “Melissa you need to hear this! It’s about Max”

“Ha-ha! What is it about Max?? Why do you sound so frightened??” asked Melissa childishly.

“MELISSA! Remember few months ago you told me to check upon Max???”

“yess… what’d you got???”

“You need to stay away from him Mel! “

“Why??” asked Melissa in an alarming tone

“I ran a search with Max’s name and photograph in all the databases the United States have and I found something… something which is not good”

“What is it???” Whispered Melissa, with a sense of foreboding as fear gripped every single bone in her body.

“Max, the person who you met, who you dated, died 7 years ago in Brooklyn. He was found decapitated in his apartment.”










“What is now proved was once only imagined”

23rd March 2012

Jason was sleeping heavily on his bed when his girlfriend Jane woke him up by a blow horn.

“Bloody Hell!! What was it???” screamed Jason.

“It is me” said Jane with a wicked smile on her face. She winked at him said “get off the bed Detective”

Jason groaned and murmured loudly” Screw You” as he got out of the bed.

Jason, Head detective in the Anti-Kidnapping Force and Organized Crimes section FBI. He’s 5’9, black hair, deep blue eyes and a muscular physique. He joined as an Assistant Detective in NYPD where he rose through the ranks and later Recruited by the Director of The FBI Claire Prickles as the Lead Detective after he helped the FBI to solve a 30 years old cold case. His personal life was a mystery to everyone, Even to Mrs. Claire. For 5 years, nobody knew where he lived, until on his 28th  birthday he invited his team and the Director to his home for a Home Gathering night.

Jane, 5, 7, long black hair, dark brown eyes, sleek built. She joined FBI under recommendation after finishing her 3 years training in self-defense and combat, weapons training and in field work. For the first few years she was assigned a desk job. Later she was then put on Jason’s team as a backup crew. But she proved she’s more worthy than what they think and later became an integral part of the team. Jason, who was believed to be be highly Anti-social was instantly attracted to Jane right from the first day as how Jane was attracted to Jason. Outside FBI they had a normal life:- Dating, Dinner, Movies..  Then one fine day Jason proposed to Jane and asked her to move into his apartment. She did not hesitate a moment. She instantly nodded yes.

Jane was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, reading the New York Daily paper. Among many news, one caught her eye. It was a “Girl Gone Missing” news in the far right bottom in 3rd page. She read the whole paragraph with full concentration. And when she finished Jason from behind said
th girl gone missing this year”

Surprised she turned back, and saw Jason in a white” I love NY” top and a coffee mug in his hand.

Flattered by his muscular physique and endless charisma, she exhaled deeply and said “yes….”










12th January 1975

“Nothings haunts us, like the things we don’t say”



´I was brought into this world for a reason. My destiny is to purify this world. I’m no God nor a Demon. I have no religion. I right the wrongs of the people. I started realized the reason why I was brought into this world when I was 7.”

“My Dad used to travel a lot for work. I always missed him. But my mother ushered me with love, fed me every day with care, read me the most beautiful bed time stories I ever heard. But all these was taken away from me one night. “

“IT was raining cats and dogs and my dad had to leave the town suddenly that night. What bugged me wasn’t my dad’s sudden departure but my mother’s weird behavior. She told my dad that she was so sad and upset that he is going suddenly but after he went she was laughing and danced on her toes. That night she fed me quite earlier than usual and put me to bed way too before bedtime. I knew something wasn’t right so I decided to find what my mother is up to.”

“My mother started reading me a bed time story. She had such a beautiful way of portraying the story to me that I slowly drifted into the world, where our intense desires and memories come to life as dreams. But then this thought of finding what my mother is up to pulled me back into the reality. I decided to act as if I’m asleep and started snoring loudly. She knew that I’m a sound sleeper and she thought I was asleep and stopped reading and turned off the lights and crept out and closed the door. She normally bolts the door from outside and the reason she gives to my dad is that I sleep walk at times. But today she forgot to bolt the door. She seems to be in some hurry.”

“Thunder screeched at its peak voice and lightening flickered continuously in the pitch-black sky and the wind howled spookily. To make it more eerie the power was also out. My entire house was immersed in darkness. I slowly got out of my bed and tip toed my way out. I had no idea where to go  or  what to do. But my legs started walking towards the room in the far left corner, exactly parallel to my room. It was my dad’s bedroom. The wind was playing tricks with my mind. I heard voices of women screaming, shouting in agony, moaning. As I drew closer to the room, the voices were more and more ear- piercing. “

“At first I thought it was the wind playing tricks with me, but as I stood right in front of the door of my dad’s bedroom, I recognized one of the voices to be my mothers and other one was of some male. Frightened I gradually applied force on the door knob. I thought it would be locked but To my  surprise it wasn’t. The door creak opened slowly and I saw two dark figures on the bed. One lying on the bed and the other on top of the lying figure. Even in the blackness of the night I was able to identify that figure sitting on top of another, screaming, moaning to be my mother. Tears rolled down my eyes, the thunder grew louder each minute. I wanted to run and hug my mother, sleep in her lap, feel secure in her warmth arms cuddled around me. But I knew I couldn’t. So I slowly traced my way back and  I walked down the stairs to the hall, unaware of the steps I take. When I reached the hall I went to the right, where the kitchen is. But on my way I toppled over something and it fell really hard on the ground. It was the battery powered lamp that my dad had gifted my mother. The crashing sound of the lamp failed to reach my mother’s ears as the roaring thunder overpowered the crashing sound.”

“I struggled my way to the kitchen, barely walking. When I reached the kitchen my hands opened the drawer beneath the wash basin and drew a knife. The knife was as long as my little arms and I needed to use both my hands to carry it. I used all the energy to carry it to my room where I placed the knife under my pillow and  I noticed the window in room was opened and  I could hear the cry of the rain as it darted to the ground and hear the cry of the thunder even more loudly now. Feeling my heart pump really hard against my rib cage in fear I covered myself with the blanket and snuggled into a fetal positon and prayed for the night to end.”

“Next morning I was woken up by a man in blue suit wearing a blue hat and he had this four letters NYPD stitched in his shirt pocket. As I put my hands underneath my pillow He carried me in his arms and said” I need yu to come with me son” and he took me downstairs where in the center of the hall  lay two figures  in a pool of blood. Both of their throats slit with a knife. The knife that I brought with me from the kitchen the other night, the knife that was missing under my pillow. One of dead body was the man I saw the other night with my mother, the other one was my dad”

“ Seeing me stare at the dead body the man in blue suit said, “Don’t worry son we’ll find who did this I swear”. Ignoring his words of comfort I asked him “ where’s my mom???’”

“he replied “ she’s missing son. But we’ll find her” “

“ I know you will” “ I assured that man”

“Smiling he asked me, “what’s your name??”

“ My name is MAX… PAYNE”










MARCH 23RD 2012

“What makes you think Chief??? All these kidnappings that occurred in various parts of US are connected???” asked John the Senior Forensic Examiner who is also a member in the Anti-Kidnapping Force team lead by Jason.

“We’ll get to that when the rest of the team shows up “said Jane who was so hyper excited. Jason had explained to Jane about what he had been working on and what he has found.

There were in the FBI headquarters in J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C. There were in the conference room which is equipped with a round table that eats up 3/4th of the room’s space. The conference room is highly air-conditioned and sound and bullet proof glasses that give the room a cubic shape separates the room from the other and the room is capable of holding 30 Dignitaries.

Jason was writing the names of the victims that went missing randomly in different parts of Untied States over the last one month. Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door in the far right of the room which is the only way in and only way out. It was the rest of the Crew.

The door flew open and Jennifer the head of Communication and information Technology Unit and Jackson the head of Anti-Cyber Cell Unit fell their way in to the Conference room.

Jennifer who was removing her over Coat and hanging it on one of the chairs said” I started early but the cab driver dashed on the paper boy and Jack took a long time to come and save me so I told him I won’t give him a hug but he was upset so I gave him a huggie wuggie and chief I’ll not come late again I Promise”. She sounded so like a child that everyone actually laughed at her innocence.

But then the Director of the FBI Claire Prickles abruptly entered into the room without any prior information and the room turned into a reflection of silence.

“What is it that you are working on Jason?? I Heard from Jennifer that you were onto something and called inn the team for an important meeting??”

Everyone turned and eyed Jennifer who was beginning to blush.
“I didn’t tell her that you were working on something big ,but I just told her you wanted to meet me for something important and probably it must be about dealing with girls. But she didn’t seem to believe me. She looked in the eyes and asked me “Did Jason wanted to meet you in the FBI head Quarters to talk to you about… dealing with girls?” but me... I didn’t answer her, I just came here. Trust me Jason” Jennifer was about cry when Claire Prickles intervened and said “Jennifer, Jason will not mistake you and now will you allow Him to explain us about what he was working on??’

“Yes mam …” whispered Jennifer 


© 2016 Sathish Kuttan

Author's Note

Sathish Kuttan
I want your reviews ppl and ideas to proceed the story .. :) Ignore the Grammer ,

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At the end of the prologue I got chills. Literally I felt the hair on my arms raise and I LOVED IT! I need more of this!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Sathish Kuttan
Sathish Kuttan

Chennai, India

I'm willing to write a story... let my imagination flow like the river without any ends... ^-^ more..