the indian advance

the indian advance

A Poem by slayerjay

Yeah man,
i wanted to write a song
and actually sing it
not pretend im kanye or some rapper 
just be on my own s**t
you know

here goes

all i want to say
all i want to breathe
is my own story
bout my battles in the street
come up of the ashes and
body every syllable
flow so lyrical
rise up of debris
i fell upon a street
dusty dawn days
tick tock on the clock
standing on the same
spot every day
not very brave
all i had with me
was a conscious chilling
talk about riches 
slide to the killing
a life of crime 
is the righetous path
when every dime you gon make
make a fam living
stand up on the privy
no seats in the chevy
so we walk everyday
makes us dangerous
cause we animals
and we calculate
how we gon live today
you focus on the hate
we focus on the gate
c4 is my eupho....ria
as we rock masks and
pretend we aint sinners
but you know in the end
every one is a winner
man people in the slums 
are still thinner
than the bodies in the caskets 
for months after
aint that a sin
to rob calories
yet we hate robberies
how a n***a gon eat?
do you like when a word
gets rhymed so well
just pass your mind like a blur
like the time you fell
rose up, chose up, close up
hoes up, hold up, hold on
im jesus, wearing cologne
to rock this world
im resurrected
so erect that the b*****s 
cant handle candle dinners
just want to get it on
get up on my dick
and call them winners
and you're like 'did he just say that'
how much do i have to pay
just to get to play that
take my dollars man
you're insane 
you need to speak to the haters
they need to hear you rhyme
and they can stop hating
cause they'll be busy 
super concentrating
on the sounds you're making
with the letters you are taking
build a missile out of statements
how do you do that?

Can you feel 
what i feel
when i want to disappear
n****s want to interfere
i just want to inter sphere
off to mars, lose the fear
off the gas, on to the last
chew through the tears
and im living fast
blow the cash
im handed, so less
that i am under branded
so yes

© 2014 slayerjay

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Added on July 26, 2014
Last Updated on August 5, 2014



Bangalore, Somewhere, India

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