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The Perfect Murder

The Perfect Murder

A Poem by Abbie

After getting away with the murder of a girl with the perfect weapon, The murderer celebrates, and thinks this:

I've done it!
I have created
the perfect murder!

Ten years!
Ten years,
I have gotten away wit it!

could figure it out!
Nobody ever will!

You fools will be searching
for years
for the murder weapon!

You won't find it though!
You can't!
It's impossible!

I was smart enough
to use the weapon
that melts away!

Leaving no evidence
 for you to find!

That's right
The PERFECT weapon
For the PERFECT murder

I used an icicle!
Now, it is ten summer's past
and the icicle is long melted!

There is now way
to get any evidence
for her case!

So now, the joke is on you!
Try and prove
that I murdered her now!

© 2012 Abbie

Author's Note

well? what do you think? Review! :D

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It's always nice to hear the evil villain make their final speech! That's usually just before the hero dashes in and points out the tiny mistake the bad guy did. ;)

Great Idea for a poem though! I likes!

-Odds & Ends

Posted 8 Years Ago

clever murder lol. well written, I like the way the murderer celebrated!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

yes, the murder was well celebrated.... LOL XD
Hope this doesn't give anyone any ideas...

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like the writing :) But...the oils from the hands would have still been there, as well as any evidence that he or she may have really the murder weapon doesn't matter. Monk had an episode like this, I believe. I like the writing though, which is of course the point :P.
...and assuming the person is crazy it'd be ok to have them think there is no evidence...
But there still would be evidence, I mean be serious.
But then again...I don't know if I care enough to complain.
But of course I already have...
buuuttt...I like it, as I've already said...
The icicle is just overused in my opinion.
Of course I do spend my time thinking of an actual perfect murder.
Which does not include the icicle. Not to mention there would obviously be evidence that it was an icicle...such as the water being inside the hole of the lady, and the fact that the temperature was a LOT colder in the wound.
But if this was written in the like the 1950's time period, and the victim was a black woman, it would make sense that racist cops did not bother to pay attention to check the wound.
Haha sorry I like to over analyze things. Again I like it. and bye...

Posted 8 Years Ago

keeps your attention the whole time!! great poem!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Interesting, and sounds what a madman may truly ramble on about in his alone time. Lovely thought, different, but intriguing nonetheless. Great job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow, it's a clever way to murder someone! :D This poem held my attention the whole time. This is different but rather interesting. Great job! :)

Ashley Rivers--Dream BIG and you'll win BIG:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hmm, clever, different, interesting, all very good x nice mixture :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

i read it dont know what to say everyones already said everything i was gna say soooo.............good job

Posted 8 Years Ago

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20 Reviews
Added on June 20, 2012
Last Updated on June 20, 2012
Tags: kill, ice, death, way, to, gun, blood




hey guys! I'm Abbie :) about me: I'm fourteen I love to read I love to write I like anime I'm in the eight grade, soon to be ninth I want to be a teacher when i grow up I also want to pub.. more..

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