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Celebrating Decline

Celebrating Decline

A Poem by UnderTheDeadPoetTree

Just a rant about certain types of celebrity culture and mindset I hate these days

Words are being said but nothing being spoken.
Their art reflects this new pawn mindset; of being a token
Of large companies; a spokesperson denied the chance
Of making what they want to make.
When did creative license become a privilege and not a right.
That's a lie. That's nonsense.
The culture these days is one of bragging.
Mo' hoes, mo' money, less struggle, mo' sob stories,
All bees in the new age hive bind:
No work, no pollen, just pass the honey, please.
The pedestal we place them on is cheap and gaudy,
A foil to their toil, quick and plaster cast it fools somebody.
That's the point. It fools some bodies. Minds empty
We hear their stories;
In interviews on shows that sprang from this swamp like reeds,
Thin and hollow and making easy green chloro-filler on that journalistic celeb e-scene.
They like to think theyre listening but really it's just hoping
For a gap or lull to let them in, some chance to list all their wins.
Or how they've struggled with fame, folks looking through their bins
"For somethin'" they laugh, like what they do is different.
They search through s**t for stuff they can sell and have the audacity
To become belligerent when some make money off their work?
We call them artists but last time I checked, the artist made the puppet,
And the ones strung along were tools of those that could actually cut it.
Formulas, X and Y made profit off of empty vessels tackling issues of vanity,
Of "exes" and "why?", "sex" and "drive-bys", the well of inspiration run dry.

Of course, this isn't necessarily indicative of the whole.
The industry is a slave to the people and plays its own role of profit prophet
Till new trends replace old and it recasts the thumb bones,
Forever in search of something to broadcast into heads and homes.
I don't know whether there was a definitive point when music and/or art
Became inward and selfish, vain and self obsessed with issues of our personal heart,
Less concerned with the bigger pictures and more interested in bigger figures
But it's happened.
The Times Have A Changed and gone are the times of pop culture bringing to light injustices,
Ranging from social to political to simple cries of "for us this is unjust".
It seems that innocence was sold for lust....
"Keep the change..."

Pop culture has been put in a box and loaded into the hearse,
Oh how I await the day I hear the "pop" but watch this oily, tarnished bubble burst.

© 2017 UnderTheDeadPoetTree

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Added on March 12, 2017
Last Updated on March 12, 2017
Tags: Celebrity, culture, poem, rant, critical, critique




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