A Poem by JENY

musings of a teacher..




Too anxious to smile

An adolescent loneliness

Sat in the corner of a mind

Stubborn and strict..

Against the demands of growth


Hormones and peptides

While striving for a balance;

Morality as a weird guest..

Impervious to lavas of turmoil

Inside his aching soul,

Dictated its terms and conditions

In perfectly detached dogmas

That put even Gods to shame!!!  


Neurons and peptides…

In unison with grey matter

In a brain alien to grayness

Of a wisdom that hailed complicity…

Waged war against gods in churches

Giving birth to an atheist adolescent

Who forgot how to return a smile

At smiling faces


 Searches for God

From a lovelorn mind

Ended up in negations

Of all that are not tangible

Thus washed his brain

In atheism that mocked god

As a peddler of opium..

And made his own concoction

To soothe his rebellious nerves

Thus my student is baptized

Into an atheist now


 Chemistry is a mystery to him

 Maths is an ‘impossibility’ to him

Physics is allergic to his physique

Literature is, mere raving of his mad teacher

In my moral classes he devises

What all truths should be negated..


I feel ashamed of myself…

That one of my student is a renowned atheist.




© 2010 JENY

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this was wrong, well worded but wrong... you judge ur student bcause he is an atheist. and you feel bad because he is an atheist? i think you should rethink how u feel about atheism. well worded though, but to me, (an atheist) the message was either unclear or very judgemental

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A great read, however, you shouldn't feel ashamed for someones way of thinking, It is not for us to be judged by others in that sort of manner, I understand your point of hoping this young person would have a more possitive moral value, But I honostly think some people who are dobbed atheist are either spiritual or just haven't ever been involved in a church lifesyle. It doesn't give anyone the write to judge anyone else for there beleifs. How would you feel if someone was judging your religion? Good flow though.. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

The wonderful thing about poetry is that it is born in the soul of the writer. It does not worry itself whether it is right or wrong yet only that it is. Poetry is written as a relief...a form of self-expression and not to please others. I think this poem was very well written and I enjoyed the use of words and how they strung together so well. Whether or not I agree or disagree with atheism is neither here nor there. All in all, I enjoyed the piece. Very nicely done!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

It sometimes seems hard to wonder why someone is an atheist, a passionate view love, powerful poem! Religion, to me though, can seem oppressive really at times, guess its an individual choice lol

Posted 9 Years Ago

Interesting. You penned your feelings very well here. However, you shouldn't feel ashamed because of your student's belief/unbelief. Thats his choice. As a teacher you can only do so much. Good work though.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow Jeny this was very interesting. You penned your thoughts admirably and it came across how strong this student was in his belief so well. No need for you to feel ashamed.....everyone finds their own truth and own God, albeit not the one we necessarily believe in. Good job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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An interesting take on atheism. The overall feel of this poem is great.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I enjoyed reading this...i must say, the way you word it is beautiful. You paint a clear picture for the reader!! However, I was disagreeing with the way the atheist was portrayed (angered and unhappy) it just seemed too stereotypical for me...Still, it is the speaker that sees the atheist in this way...which is simply what poetry is about...expressing one's thoughts and opinions...very good!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is just way too judgemental. Teenagers are getting too much of a bad press; leave our hormones alone, mmmkay, and we'll leave your middle-life-crisis-ridden-head's alone, too. Sorry to sound mean, but this is true... And if you are an educator you shouldn't judge; from all that I know atheist (and I am one) are much more happier people because they know the truth :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Nice writhing. You always managed to write such good work. Not much I can say really. Not feeling to well. Good job though.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I guess it all depends on the matter from which perspective and at which state-of-mind these words are to be viewed. As for me, I am neutral; A cat on the wall in reference with the debate of 'God'. There are several moments that have kindled my mind to the belief of god. Also, there have been several other moments that numb the feeling. But, I sternly believe there is 'some force' behind certain unseemly actions. Maybe that 'some force' is God. I'm not sure though. I'm also a great admirer of the beauties of Science. Well, there's this one quote I heard somewhere (I don't testify it, but I really loved the way it was put) "Science is too young to understand religion". Once again, I am not for theism or atheism. I don't understand the 'heart' in either of them. I respect people from both sides - That is, Atheists and Theists who have a valid reason for them being what they are (i.e. Atheist or Theist). Just a plain "I believe/don't believe in god" doesn't work with me. I just keep searching for reasons to choose any one of them. Maybe one day, I will :)

Now back to the poem, as everyone said, its wordings are quite apt and splendid. I loved several lines - "Baptized into an atheist" was the best. What I'd say is, for one who doesn't return a smile, it doesn't matter as to if he is into Theism or Atheism. The grand religion of humanity shadows all perspectives on its own. No offense, I saw a Muslim girl wearing a Purdah and participating in the last Olympics in a relay race. She struggled through the race with that inconvenient dressing but she came 6th out of the 10. Maybe she would have been the winner if she had worn a dressing that would enable her to run comfortably. This is just an forsaken flaw example from one religion. Every religion has large flaws in their theories. I guess people should take the positive/reasonable notations from all religions, combine them and start following it. I do believe that certain theories of religions have inward meanings and help a lot in 'leading ones life'.

Keep writing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A Poem by JENY


A Poem by JENY


A Poem by JENY

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