Paper Friends and Gingerbread Men

Paper Friends and Gingerbread Men

A Story by mariposavolando

Emily realises she is lonely and decides to make some friends. She discovers that this is much harder than she expected, but eventually understands that you can't make a friend - you have to find one

Once, there was a girl named Emily. 
Emily liked to read and Emily liked to draw and Emily liked to work out the answers at school.
Emily had a wild imagination and Emily was very clever, but Emily was lonely.
One Sunday, Emily decided she wanted to make a friend, and so she got out her drawing pad and her coloured pencils, and she drew a little boy. But then she was lonely again, because she couldn't play with a boy made of paper.
Emily decided to make another friend. She asked her mum to help her make some gingerbread people, and she decorated one of the biscuits with big blue eyes and long hair made out of sprinkles and buttons down her front. But then she was lonely again, because her daddy ate her gingerbread friend by mistake.
The next day, Emily went to school and she was sad because she was lonely, even though she had brought her drawing pad which had one of the friends she had made inside. When it was time for lunch, she found a quiet corner and began to read. 
Emily saw a little boy looking sad. The little boy was holding a sketch pad and a pencil. Emily asked the little boy what was wrong. The boy was sad because he wanted to draw but everywhere he went was far too noisy. Emily said the boy could share her corner.
When Emily finished her book, she asked the little boy if she could see what he was drawing. The little boy said he was drawing a little girl to be his friend because he was lonely. Emily found her little paper friend and gave it to the boy. He asked why, and Emily told him that she had tried making some friends, but she was sad because she was still lonely. She thought the little paper boy looked lonely too, and if the little paper boy had a little paper friend, they would be much happier.
The little boy told Emily that she looked lonely, but maybe if she had a real little boy as a friend, she would be much happier.
Emily asked him where she could find a real little boy to be her friend, and the little boy smiled, shook her hand, and said "Pleased to meet you."

© 2012 mariposavolando

Author's Note

It is intended to sound childlike, but any constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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Added on December 5, 2012
Last Updated on December 5, 2012
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