Teenage Rebellion

Teenage Rebellion

A Poem by Kristin

this isnt really a poem i just didnt know what to put so ya


Teenage rebellion is inevitable. We are confined by our surroundings,we have school and parents and impending adulthood all weighing down on us. At a time where most things are seeming to make the world end, rebellion is there to get us out of it. It is seen as a stage and put off as irrelevant by the adults around us. We rebel to get out of the stress of the situations that we are left in. Teenage rebellion is seen as something less than what it is, when really it should be seen as something of a larger scale. Adults see it as a bunch of whining kids who have everything in the world when in reality this is the one point most of us realize ,we have nothing. The things once promised to us as children have been torn away.  Rebellion is our way of getting out of the dead-set 4-wall barriered room we are locked into once we’re deemed old enough to “handle it”.

We are told we have to care about thousands of things we could really care less about. We are told that we have to grow up and get it together, have perfect grades and be the best at all our extracurriculars. When really not much of it all matters to us, at least not to me.I want to be happy. I crave for it but our basic happiness is put behind our grades and clubs and time spent doing what everyone else around us wants us to do.  It is put off so much that many times adults don't want to even think of the possibility of it being there. Rebels are seen as someone out of control, defying authority for their own fun. No parent wants to admit that the reason their child is rebelling could be them, or that its something that they could help with. They want it to be invisible. They leave it for blame on us as if we asked to have these dreams that are so out of reach that the more we try to grab for it the more it is seen as wrong. Its an unspoken of topic. Pushed aside in stacks and stacks of papers until its forgotten about. The rebellion that once created works of art becomes self destructive, teenagers turn to drugs and retreat into themselves because we have no one else to talk to. Rebellion can be good and it can be bad and it can build great things and tear them down. Rebellion in all these things is beautiful. It is the few years we really find ourselves and its up to us to hold on to the things we learn in it. It is a piece of art each small victory another stroke of paint on the canvas of what will soon be our lives.Teenagers are natural disasters just waiting to break out, tsunamis and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that are so destructive but in turn create a new environment.

I personally enjoy the idea of it. The idea of breaking barriers and terrain that people try and try to set in stone. I want people to know that I could honestly care less. I honestly do want to be happy someday. I don't want all I think about to be whether my grades will be good ,because my parents want them to be.  dont want to think about what I’m going to major in or who I’m going to marry or if I’m even going to get married because here I am and I could honestly be dead and care less.I seem to care less and less every day about the things I’m told I should care about. The things my parents tell me to care about. I should care about family I’ve never been close with and classes I’ve never liked and people who I need to make sure are happy when I could care less about them too.  I’d rather be off somewhere with people I barely know because to be truly honest I don't like most the people here. I dont know if its the whole living here my whole life I’m tired of this town crap or if I honestly hate them but whatever it is I could use a change from here. My teenage rebellion is to be happy with the little things I do have.If thats a bad thing then so be it.All the things my parents do hate are the things I love. My friends and the books I read and the things  I get to write and the music I listen to and my dreams are all that really matter to me. Its my teenage rebellion and I’m in charge of what happens in it. I will never be the cookiecutter girl, I’ve always been told I was different whether it be with a good or bad intention of it being said. I don't dare change that. Its the one thing I do like about myself. I dont want to become all the things I hate when I get older. I dont want to change who I am and give up my life just to make a living. Its supposed to be important to want to make enough money to be able to pay for the things I need but unless something that makes me happy can get me there I’d rather be homeless. I’d rather not spend my later years with the idea that I’ve failed myself. My job in life is to make myself happy. Not anyone else.

Higher powers and authorities are the ropes binding us down away from the things we are striving to be, the things we love. Its an intellectual prison we live in.We are dialed in as numbers for a statistic for others to look at. Our grades, a number scale evaluation for our worth. We are seen as rabid bodies made of constant hormones. A case unsolved until later days when more years are tacked on to our current age. Something to be put aside until we forget about it. It is one of the most important things we have to hold on to. Our teenage rebellion. Not going to say that we should all start doing crack and becoming strippers or anything. I mean don’t go getting any ideas but it is this one point in our lives where our feelings are truly human. Its the tearing apart of our souls when we think we’re in love and we get our first crush and our first kiss and our hearts broken and we fall apart and get put back together and it's our mistakes and failures against ourselves. As we try to build an empire with our bests accomplishments and every failure a rock thrown at our structure but we have the things we believe in. The things we really believe in there holding it up at all angles and telling us to rebel for what we really want. We stand up for what we really believe in the things we would rebel against the betters for and our structure stands tall right next to us.

© 2014 Kristin

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Nice one,
Rebellion is a useful tool in dealing with the feelings of being confined for numerous reasons. Far too many people neglect that this phase is not restricted to teenage years. I personally didn't start rebelling myself until I was near twenty and it lasted nearly ten years. Often during our rebellion phases we couldn't tell you what would make it better often only what makes it worse. great write and thanks for sharing it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I always enjoy your pieces and stories due to the ease of seeing how you feel because, like TheEncantado says below, you are very talented in projecting your feelings really well.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I won't comment on your attitude, just your writing - which is good. You can make people see how you feel through words. I like all the metaphors and your word choices. Just remember, "it's" is a contraction for it is or it has. "Its" is a possessive pronoun meaning, more or less, "of it" or "belonging to it".
So "Its the one thing I do like about myself. " Should be "It's" and "Its an intellectual prison we live in." should be "It's an..." et cetera. Keep up the good work.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Yeah yeah sorry I never do pay much to my apostrophe or comma placement until way after the fact or .. read more

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