The Wild and the Wind

The Wild and the Wind

A Poem by Sarah

I don't really know where is came from.


Closest to the great west mountains

But farthest from the world 

Death sits upon a great black horse

And watched as the story unfurled. 


It began on a cloudy day

when money was close to gone.

A young man with a trembling heart

Was lost and very withdrawn.


He needed what we all do now

A hand to smooth his heart,

But the wild and the wind gets to us all  

The darkness will rip him apart. 


He goes with the vengeance in his eyes

Tripping over his guilt and pain

Death follows quietly 

He fells the young mans bane.


In the quiet of the night

The young man cries

Pitty, sorrow, and a smirk of a tease

Death watches with eager eyes.


On a night much like that night

The young man had found his love

He swore they would never be torn apart 

He swore by the wings of the mourning dove


Three grand months the lovers shared

She and he and he and she

And one dark day they came into the town

So did a man who wanted a fee


Fate stirred up in town that day

The dangerous man misfired a gun

The bullet flew and ricochet

It hit his love and Death had won. 


So now we see the young mans bane, 

and now we see him go 

To find that man who killed his love,

With Death behind him in tow.


He finds the man on his knees,

Praying for forgiveness and peace,

The young man ignores all Heaven and Hell

And brings out a gun, the pain doesn't cease. 


The once dangerous man begs for mercy,

The once innocent boy fires,

Death collects another soul

And so the deed transpired.   


But Death's work was not yet done

He still had one more life to take

And in the darkness of the night 

He met the young man beside a lake. 


And in the wild and the wind

The young man ended it all

Though never would he be with his love again

And she would never here him call.


Closest to the great west mountains

But farthest from the world

The wild and the wind stirs in the hearts of man

And Death watches your story unfurl. 

© 2012 Sarah

Author's Note

Ignore grammar problems, it's the words that count the most

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True, the words count and your words contained so much emotion... felt like a western kind of... lyrical with such well penned darkness of the heart and unbearable grief, loved Death :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love it, I absolutely love the story line and the plot with Death and I felt for this character, even if it's just a poem, it's great, amazing job

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 24, 2012
Last Updated on December 11, 2012
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