what they tell us

what they tell us

A Poem by Nina Vescoso

may 27 2020

friend. enemy.
everyone is an enemy. you need your allies to beat your competition.
but remember, your allies are also your competition, they just don't know it.
when you hit them, hit them hard. hit them fast. act innocent. 
that's right, cry. they won't suspect a thing. 
daughter. mother.
every girl is a mothers. it's in our blood.
you weren't forced to get pregnant. you choose to accept it.
therefore you must keep it. 
you may be born to us, but you belong to him.
we raised you better than this. 
athlete. cheerleader.
sure, girls can be athletic. but you can only do cheerleading.
yes, you can be strong but you can't have muscles.
you're not a boy, so you can't do soccer. try cheerleading instead
victim. w***e.
he raped you?! that can't be possible. you asked for it. you must have. 
it was the skirt you were wearing! it was too short.
oh? you weren't wearing a skirt? then it was your shirt! it was too tight.
oh? you were wearing a sweatshirt?
well obviously you were trying to seduce him, you little w***e. i raised you better than that.
you said no? well actions say differently than words.
you hit him? you should go to jail for that.
how could you? what? no! you can't get an abortion. you're a disgrace to this family. 
you are his and no one else's. if you chooses to have a mistress, he can.
no, you cant divorce him. think of family reputation.
you are there to be seen not heard.
you shouldn't be saying such things about your husband.
your job is to cook, clean, and take care of your children. it's not to speak your mind.
women. objects,
we are here to serve men, never talk back. 
be dumb. look pretty. dress nice. wear makeup where it hides your features but
not enough to be notices. you can't be skinny, but you can't be fat.
go where he says and do what he said.
let him speak. and never, ever, 
speak your mind. no one wants to listen to you anyways.

© 2020 Nina Vescoso

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Added on August 9, 2020
Last Updated on August 9, 2020
Tags: female, women rights, equality, friend, enemy, daughter, mother, athlete, cheerleader, victim, whore, wife, slave, object